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Thread: How good are you at MBTI-Typing?

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    Default How good are you at MBTI-Typing?

    What photographers do you like?
    Bresson is probably my favorite, or one of them. He was a real pro, and wasn’t afraid to make it all about the emotional experience. There was never anything “cool” about him; he was a true photographer who had a great eye, and I always respond well to sincerity over what’s “hip,” or overly arty. I believe in experimentation, but there must always be a point, or a reason; there must always be a purpose, and one who finds it interesting to be the center of attention, rather than the work itself, must know that they’re going about it all wrong.

    What conclusions can you draw from that ^

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    haha INFP?

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    Yep, INFP.

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