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Thread: Victoria Justice

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    Default Victoria Justice

    I have to sit for this 8 year old brats on some weekends, and so she insists that I watch this twit on TV.

    Like Miley Cyrus, Selina Gomez, and that chick from School of Rock, she's another specimen of pedophiliac delight. Plus, her last name is one of my best friend's first name. Every time I call her, I have to think of this little slutette. :P

    In order to keep myself from eating all of the family's lasagna leftovers, I sat down while the brat was watching, and she seems ESTP to me.
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    I actually sense a little Ne from her. I think she's either ENTP or ESTP, but with a highly developed Fe. Her Twitter background is very ENTP. (I like how, unlike most celebrities, she doesn't use a picture of herself as the background.)

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