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    One of the reasons I like this show is its great characters. Let's get started with the typing.

    Brennan: EST? - I was about to type her as an introvert because she lives a bit like a loner, but thee way she says what she's thinking all thee time, and how she seems so comfortable in social situations despite her social awkwardness, makes me think she's an extrovert. I'm pretty sure she's a sensor because of her attention to detail and how she is very concrete in her thinking. The T is probably the most obvious. The last one is a bit of a guess because I'm having a hard time remembering examples that point to either J or P.

    Booth: ENFP - He's an extrovert for sure. He's a social guy. I'm typing him as an intuitive mostly because of the way he makes intuitive leaps, and the way he makes up "stories" about how he thinks the murder happened. It's a little hard to tell if he's an F or a T because he's on the job for much of the show, but if you look at his life I see more of an F leaning. And then P because of the way he continues searching for things instead of making up his mind completely.

    Sweets: INFJ

    Cam: ESTJ

    Hodgins: E?TP

    Angela: ESFP

    Zack: I?TP (with Aspergers)

    Those are my guesses. Your turn.

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    Angela have always glowed ENFP to me. She strikes me as more whimsical. But she could be ESFP, I suppose. Her high empathy, her sensitivity, high idealism, her dreams all points to ENFP. ESFPs are more grounded and down-to-earth than she is.

    I couldn't type Booth for the longest time. I think he's more ENFJ than ENFP. But he is so self-contained and controlled, doesn't seem to lead with Fe. But he is quite sentimental, maybe he's just very masculine.

    I agree about Cam. Sweets...could be INFP?

    Hodgins - ENTP all over.
    Zack - INTP all over.

    Brennan is a tough one. She is much more verbal and aggressive than ISTJs I know. I have always thought she is INTJ. She has all the personality traits, arrogant, highly competent, completely rational, do not get 'humans' at all.

    If Brennan is INTJ and Angela is ENFP, they fit very well together. When I type, I also use the socionics relations theory. I find them to be very, very accurate. And I have used the relations system for a few years now.

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    I think Brennan is an INTJ, ISTJ, or INTP. Extrovert is not likely for her, can't see her being a ESTP at ALL!

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