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Thread: The Mentalist

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post
    INFJs are usually better with people, in a way. More tactful and considerate, anyway.
    In a way... usually... sounds like the rule bends a lot for different kinds of INFJs.

    Patrick Jane can be tactful and considerate when he wants to. He has all the skills and knowledge to do so. So have I. However, being tactful and considerate can feel boring and unprogressive to me. I'm much more interested in cutting all the crap and getting to the core of things; Solving mysteries, so to speak. I'm very much interested in people's emotions, but not the fake ones that protect the real emotions. By being blunt people realize those masks are not working and we get to talk about the real stuff... and thus really solve issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    Jane- INFJ with Hans Landa syndrome
    Lisbon- ESFJ
    Rigsby- ESTP
    Cho- ISTP
    Van Pelt- INFJ
    Minelli- ESTJ
    Bosco- ISTJ
    Hightower- ENTJ
    Red John- INTJ
    Jane - INFJ Definitely an extremely gregarious one. I think this comes from extreme self-confidence with extroversion that arose with his unusual childhood.
    Lisbon - ISTJ I'm probably wrong on this, but someone needs to give me some evidence so I can change my mind. Definitely an SJ. I could really only see ESFJ or ISTJ. I'm just caught up on the lack of socializing on her part, for her to be an Fe dom. Although, she is very Fe in the way she diverts attention from her lack of socializing. Yeah... I'll change to ESFJ.
    Cho - INTJ Though the actor uses Fe(>Fi) a lot, he's probably an ENFJ. I think this is why he comes across as an INFJ-Ti or ISTP.
    Rigsby - ESFP I see Fi>Ti, could be wrong though. Definitely an Se dom.
    Van Pelt - ISFP I see her and I see an Fi dom. Very protective of her inner-self. I also see a lot of Se in her stunts and thrill seeking attitude, and Ni>Ne - don't see much Ne. Initially I thought INFP-Si with underdeveloped Ne. I could see ISFJ (inferior Ne); I think she's supposed to have Si, but it comes across like Fi and she also happens to use Ni. But, I think it's less clear on the N/S line than it is on the T/F line. She's much more complex than we know, I think, which to me suggests ISFP-Ni.
    Bosco - ESTJ Could be an I. Obvious STJ though, prototypical STJ.
    Minelli - ESTJ Could otherwise be an ISFJ, not likely though.
    Hightower - ENTJ 100% Such a perfect actress-type combination.
    Red John - INTJ could very well be right. I think he could be an INFJ as well. Though, it's hard to type someone you only see once. He does seem almost certainly to be an Ni dom though. And upon reflection, his actions do seem much more Te than Fe, though both T and F functions, whatever orientation they are, are well developed.

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    I also think that Jane is an INFJ as opposed to an ENTP.

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    Cool ....Patrick- ISTP!!!!

    I think Patrick is an ISTP....Ill explain:
    There is more to the MBTI then just the letters, there is also an order of functions.
    The first function appearent is Ti- an almost internal whiteboard of clear thinking, following with Se- a super clear sensory perception of the outside world. Ne's would not be able to pick up the details patricks picks up. Similiar to the show "Lie to Me"- the main character is an Se- picking up through sensory (sight) whether or not the guy is lying.

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