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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohengrin View Post
    My friend once told me she read something his kids mentioned about him being almost impossible to visibly annoy. Apparently, he always wore this little smile.

    Sounds quite ENFJ to me.
    Ah, ENFJ's are rather good with hiding what they feel.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    I think ENFJ, as well.

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    I read this long ago. My recollection is of an Fe treatise, in true Oprah or Anthony Robbins mode, on how to maximize potential via optimism, empathy, imagination and so on. The usual ENFJ crap we abhor.

    ENFJ and INFP squabble over such shite in song:
    YouTube - We can Work it Out- The Beatles + lyrics

    INFP, solo, presents his case for doom:
    YouTube - Bob Dylan - Not dark yet

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