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Thread: harry potter characters

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    Harry Potter: IxFP ( I would say "N" because I would speculate when he was younger to find social acceptance if he were a ISFP due to Se, but I dont know)
    Ron Weasley: ExFP (It is evident that he has Fi - Te, but is Ne, just scattered brained, or Se, just clueless)
    Hermoine Granger: INTJ (definitely not ENTJ because of Fi being last, not possible, then people speculate ISTJ because of her near identical memory, but that could be mistaken for Ni, gut feelings and rations coming to her)
    Albus Dumbledore: INFJ
    Severus Snape: INTJ
    Voldemort: INFJ (some say INTJ, but i think he is manipulative instead of controlling, i think he has Fe as opposed to Te)
    Luna Lovegood: INFP (Dreamy, supporting harry is an INFP, she says she sees something in him)

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    Just created a new thread for this topic, since this one's been going for such a long time.
    Link to it:
    I also lean towards INFP for Harry, but ISFP is arguable as well.
    I say ESFP for Ron. A hunch.
    I used to think INTJ Hermione, but I've been thinking ISTJ lately. She's a knowledge seeker, but looks to external sources rather than internal, she's unsure of any skill that can't be learned from a book (chess, quidditch, divination, etc.). She gets more comfortable using her Ni as the books move along, but I mean really, have you ever met an INTJ that's bad at chess?
    I'm one of those weirdos that thinks Voldemort is an INTJ. There's no evidence of him using feelings. Ever.
    Luna I'd say INxP. Her lack of social appropriateness (saying thinks that make people uncomfortable, completely oblivious) seems sort of INTP-esque.
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    my opinion:

    Harry, INFP
    Hermoine, ENTJ
    Ron, ISFJ

    Weasley Twins, ESFP's
    Snape, INTJ
    Dumbledore, XNFP

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    oh yeah and McGonagall is totally an ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
    Okay, here's my master list (based on the books, not the movies):

    Harry - ISFP
    Hermione, Aberforth, Scrimgeour, Kreecher, Moody - ISTJ
    Ron, Tonks - ESFP
    Luna, Neville, Lupin, Pettigrew - INFP
    Xenophilius - INTP
    Ginny, Dudley, James, Rita Skeeter - ESTP
    Fred, George, Mr. Weasley, Slughorn(?) - ENTP
    Dobby, Umbridge, Mrs. Weasley, Hagrid, Lockhart, Aunt Petunia - ESFJ
    Snape, Voldemort - INTJ
    Draco, Lucius, Bellatrix, McGonagall, Uncle Vernon, Percy - ESTJ
    Dumbledore, Ollivander, Trelawney - INFJ
    Tonks, Sirius - ESFP
    Lily, Fleur, Slughorn(?), Nearly Headless Nick, Myrtle - ENFJ
    Fudge - ISFJ
    YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES I agree with you completely, as an extreme Potterhead! I don't know why people are seeing INFJ for Lily, she was considered popular, charming, and having strong principles which all seems like she's an extrovert.

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    This is just my first post,but I think I do have some basic knowledge of the NTs.

    Movie Dumbledore:INTP
    Book Dumbledore: INTJ
    (I just don't see the sensing side of him. He's too much the puppetmaster.)
    Snape: I'm certain he's an INTX. You could argue he's a seriously messed up P. But I'm thinking INTJ.
    Sirius: ENTP(He's not an I. But I could definitely see other types for him. Again, i just know NTs well.)
    Voldemort: Again, you could argue seriously abused(obviously) INTP and it could make sense. People who just see the spacey side of INTPs are not very well informed. There's also the...I don't want to say cynical because it's not malicious but...sarcastic and dry side that, as a broad concept, might explain some of the behavior. But Voldemort is malicious. Gosh, I'm contradicting myself now. Ignore this. Otherwise, INTJ.
    Hermy: I don't really see her as an NT. Too emotional.
    Luna: A REALLY out there INTP.
    Side notes: I think people who say Arthur is an INTP are on the right track. Kind of reminds me of a stupid Sherlock...

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    Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort could all be INTJs, of very different flavors based on their backgrounds and experiences. I have come to think Voldemort might actually be INFJ, though. There is much more ideology than method in his madness. He's good at killing and torturing people, but doesn't seem to be building anything to replace what he destroys. (A bit like Osama bin Laden.)

    I agree with INTP for Arthur Weasley (and Neville Longbottom), but think Sirius is more ESTP.
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