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Thread: The Office

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    9w1 so/sx


    Michael - ENFP
    Dwight - ESTJ
    Angela - ISTJ
    Oscar - INTJ
    Toby - ISFJ
    Jim - INTP
    Pam - ISFJ
    Kevin - ISFJ
    Stanley - ISTP
    Jan - ENTJ
    Kelly - ESFP
    Roy - ISFJ
    Ryan - INTP/ENTJ (varied from whether he was in a position of authority or not)
    Phyllis - ISFJ
    Karen - ESFJ
    Andy - ESFP
    Creed - INxP (???)

    *only interacts with other memes such as (me x2)-self (two negatives = a positive) who regularly use the font comic sans unironically*

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    Why does ESFP make the best comedy tv shows?! 'Boston Legal' has Denny Crane, and an anime I enjoy good comedy from time to time 'Sgt Keroro Gunso' which has Keroro! Idk their ignorance is kinda hilarious from an observer point of view.

    Oh I think Michael's an ESFP
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    Michael: ENFP 7

    Holly: ESTJ 3w?(2)

    Kevin: ISTP 9w8

    Dwight: ESTJ 1w2

    Pam: ISFJ 9w1

    Jim: INTP 9

    Don't have much of an impression yet of anyone else.

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    Do you guys think Jim is actually an INFP struggling with inferior Te? He's said to be some average beta which means he probably conforms, Te in this case.

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    I've watched this show in its entirety numerous times and I have developed some hypotheses along the way:

    Michael: ENFP because he has such an obvious Ne-Fi stack. He's always pulling new possibilities and getting enthralled by them until something different comes along. He's very much concept oriented and is always pulling references out of nowhere. I don't see him as an ESFP because he appears to me to have terrible Se - he misses social cues allllllll the time and is pretty aloof to what goes on around him all the time. I think some people might be getting tripped up with this one because Michael is lacks all forms of self-reflection and is kind of dumb. This is neither here nor there, I see him as a strong ENFP.

    Jim: ISTP. Not INTP because I do not see ANY Ne in him. He's much more grounded than figures like Michael and is a pretty typical impulsive, reserved, jokester that I know some real life ISTPs to be like.

    Pam: She's harder to read and it took me a while to type her but my hunch is INFP. She has this whole trying to stand up for herself complex and gets stressed about her future, etc. She speaks through Ne, not Ni in my opinion and expresses dominant Fi.

    These are the three that I feel the most strongly about.

    As for others, here are my opinions:

    Dwight: ESTJ (occasionally he will strike me as an ENTP with all of his delusions of grandeur)
    Oscar: INTJ
    Kevin: ISTP
    Angela: ISTJ
    Ryan: ESTP (?)
    Kelly: ESFJ
    Toby: ISFJ
    Phyllis: ISFJ
    Andy: This dude is super tough to type for me, but I've considered: ESTJ or ESFP

    Anyways, that's my two cents. Like I said, I watch this show religiously not that that makes my opinions any more relevant, but I'd thought I'd express how much I love this show.
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