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    I was listening to a news report on NPR today because apparently he died today. I'm thinking he just has a ridiculous Si ability to internalize information (he would read books and memorize them completely!), but no judging function (they said he couldn't do things like button a shirt or brush his teeth).

    He's a very interesting person; he was born without the cerebral tissue that connects the two hemispheres of his brain...anyways, there's a wikipedia article on him.

    Kim Peek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I saw a documentary on him once. I'll guess he was ISFJ or ESFJ. He would enthusiastically try to interact with people despite having a very limited capacity to. He either answered questions about things he knew or repeated one of his stock phrases for social situations, which were all grand statements about how happy or honoured he felt to meet people, but it came across as sincere and he seemed to really enjoy talking anyway (Fe).

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