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Thread: Sin City

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Tarantino's an ENTP

    Is Tarantino on drugs, or is he always like that? I can't watch him for five minutes without wanting to wipe him down and gag him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Requeim View Post
    agree with pretty much everything

    dwight is an ISTP like marv i think
    No, Dwight was an ISTJ. He was too preoccupied with doing the right thing to be an ISTP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grace View Post
    Hah, Tarantino as an ENTJ makes some sense. He is a jackass (but a brilliant one).
    Tarantino is an ENTP who is obssessed with his own genius (as many ENTPs are)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahNounBlah View Post
    Is Tarantino on drugs, or is he always like that? I can't watch him for five minutes without wanting to wipe him down and gag him.
    The one on one interviews aren't too bad (e.g. Charlie Rose), but he is hopelessly full of himself when he's in front of a crowd.

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    [youtube=iywknqrgHQs]Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez interview for Grindhouse[/youtube]

    On this video, we can see Robert Rodriguez talk the least, but seems exciting, waiting impatiently a reason to move, waiting for more action: that is ESTP and not ENTP, yes. Quentin Tarantino shows a totally ENTJ mannerism, and, by the way, every NT tends to be obssesed with their genius, not only ENTP. I like the idea that the main creators of the movie are xSTP with the reserved role of the creator of the comic held by an ISTP, and the expressive role of the in-charge director held by an ESTP because Sin City is a total xSTP movie: it means action, fun, freedom, violence, and it's not emo, damn it!

    I've edit my original post. Jacky boy is an ESTP, yes, and Bob is a one too: his state of mind is globally "I've betray you Hartigan, but don't take it personally, we can still good the way, can I help you ?". That's ESTP, not ESTJ.

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    If we're talking about body language, an ENTJ would be far more economical in their speech and movement than an ENTP, who wouldn't be able to sit still once excited. You see how Tarantino can barely start his first sentence without jumping from one thought to the other?

    Here's an ENTJ being interviewed in a very similar set of circumstances for comparison:

    [youtube=GQCtqQ1PCPg]ENTJ Body Language[/youtube]

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