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    Default Typing of Ian Curtis, Deborah Curtis and Annik Honoré

    How would you type Ian Curtis, Debbie and Annik according to "Control" (can also be based on other, non-fictional sources as well)?

    I've often read Ian typed as INFP, even though I could see INFJ as well.
    But I'm rather clueless about Deborah and Annik....even though there may be not enough information to type them....what would you think?

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    i don't know, but i think disorder is one of the greatest songs ever written. and ceremony, of course. pretty obvious 4w5, no?

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    I think Curtis is INFP. The way his personal desires conflicted with his sense of morality seemed very much the Fi-dom inner turmoil. And yes, 4w5 enneagram.

    From the movie, his wife seemed SFJ. I don't know what Annik was....the movie didn't go much into her as a person.
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