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Thread: Brothers & Sisters

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    Default Brothers & Sisters

    Anyone watching Brothers & Sisters? I love it. It's got such a warm feel to it that seems almost rare. Many drama series are filled with backstabbing and plotting against each other.

    Nora: ESFJ
    Justin: ESFP
    Kitty: INFJ
    Sarah: ISFP
    Kevin: ESTP
    Scotty: ISFP
    Tommy: ISTJ
    Rebecca: INFJ

    I'm not sure about few of those. For example, Sarah's type is very difficult to peg down. Rebecca has, surprisingly, shown a lot of INFJ tendencies, but who knows... maybe she's an ENFJ instead.

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    I think Kevin is an ENTP. Sarah seems more J than P to me. Maybe ISFJ or ISTJ. ESFJ for Nora seems perfect and ESFP for Justin too.

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    Yeah, now that I think about it, Sarah is definitely a J. I'm not sure if she's a thinking or feeling type. ISTJ? That's a refreshing thought...

    I was thinking ENTP for Kevin, but I just kind of didn't see that much N in him. Now that I think about it again, he's definitely not an SP. ENTP suits him fine.

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    Nora: ENFJ
    Saul: ISFJ
    Tommy: ISTj
    Sarah: ESTJ (and an awesome one to boot)
    Kitty: INTJ
    Robert: ESTP
    Kevin: EnTP
    Scotty: ISFP
    Justin: eSFP
    Rebecca: InFP
    Holly: ESFP

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    Yeah, I think Rebecca being an INFP makes more sense than INFJ, imo. I wondered about Nora being ENFJ but then decided she was a little more. Why do you think she is more N? The more I think about it the more I am confident that Sarah is XSTJ but I still would lean toward I than E, I think.

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