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Thread: The Hills

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    Lauren- esfj,enfj
    whitney- istj or isfj, I really have no idea, I don't know her too well on the show
    heidi- isfp or esfp
    spencer- intp, or istp
    stephanie- esfj
    lo- infp or enfp
    brody-esfp, I don't know
    audrina- isfp
    kristin- esfp or estp
    justin- intp

    some of them are hard to type because they are fake

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    Lauren- enfj or esfj because she is caring, kind, social, a loyal friend, hard working and organized and bubbly at times
    Heidi- isfp or isfj
    Audrina- isfp or isfj, more j than heidi
    Whitney- infj, she is quiet, sweet, caring, honest, hard working, organized and neat
    spencer- istp or intp because he is in his own world sometimes, he isolates himself from people who he distrusts a little too mich, can be very laid back and a little lazy sometimes like when he sits on his couch and can start arguments and get angry easily, he can be manipulative but is definately an introvert
    Justin bobby- he is an istp or intp also but of a different kind, just different, he is more laid back than spencer
    Lo- infp or enfp, she is bubbly, sort of artist, and eccentric, social at times but not extremely extroverted
    brody- he is hard to figure out, he is just a chill guy with genuinity and authenticity, maybe he is an enfp or entp, he can be funny, athletic and social at times
    Stephanie- esfj or enfj but she is not as much a j as lauren or whitney
    stacie the bartender- istp, well I don't know she was on the show for a little bit
    Holly- isfj or isfp, she is nice, caring, sweet, authentic
    Last but not least kristin- estp, she can be loud, crazy and out there is is never afraid to say what is on her mind and never hesitates to get what she wants without caring about the consequences and feelings or impact of others, is is a doer, she usually wants to be busy doing something and having fun

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