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Thread: Flipping Out on Bravo

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Someone make a Rachel Zoe thread now
    I did but I put it in the wrong section! I put it in arts and entertainment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTG1984 View Post
    I did but I put it in the wrong section! I put it in arts and entertainment.
    It's cool, I found it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    Yeah, for some reason she is so open and honest about her vanity that I accept it.

    I always appreciate people who keep it real even if that means they keep it real about being fake or superficial, hahaha, make sense?

    She is no shame about her flaws, I don't know I have a soft spot for her.
    Yeah, makes a lot of sense. I think if she denied being vain I would think much differently of her.

    Also, I want to see her without the wig.

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    I just saw half of that "baby boom" episode the other day.

    And, god, I really do love Jeff.

    I think he might still be in love with Ryan.

    And, he's definitely lonely, super lonely.

    And insecure, for the first time, after Ryan's daughter's party, you actually saw him *by himself* and he was super awkard, and lonely.

    The way he walked, I saw the dork buried deep inside of him.

    I really have an affinity for this man.

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    Default Flipping Out

    I live nr Toronto. what season is F.O. We watched it on HGTV but it hasn't been on since early 2008? Is there an episode guide for it?

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