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Thread: Gilmore Girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Eh, I don't buy their "case" for her being S. All they say is that (1) she likes to have fun, (2) she doesn't plan, and (3) she talks about pop culture references and other "down to Earth" subjects.

    (1) and (2) do not sufficiently distinguish ENFP/ESFP, as both can have such tendencies. (3) is simply false. In the first place, talking in pop culture references is not an indicator of N vs S, especially since pretty much all of the characters do it in this show regardless of their personalities. Secondly, Lorelai likes to talk most about feelings and relationships, not about "down to Earth" topics. She is often bored out of her mind by the "play by play" sensor talk that she gets from her mother or from Sookie (e.g., when Sookie goes on and on about how she made a particular dish, or what happened on a particular date, or when Emily talks about how so and so's son is going to such and such a school). And the love of gossip that site mentioned is misunderstood; Lorelai doesn't like gossip qua gossip, she only likes it insofar as it affords her amusement at the expense of her neighbors and friends, because she likes to make fun of them and finds their absurdity amusing.

    I think the "NF leanings" they attribute to her to soften the SFP claim betrays the fact that their argument is pretty weak.

    Also, there is no way in hell that Jess is an INTP.
    That's not the best determinator for N or S in my opinion. My ENFP best friend will get caught up in an excessive amount of unnecessary details at times and I find myself doing the Lorelai thing of trying to push her past that and to the meat of the story. Sookie on the other hand is a complete sensotard and a bit zany. More ENFP in my opinion.
    Also I've known plenty of ESFPs to be quick witted. Especially when they're well educated.
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    if anyone's watched the show parenthood, lauren graham plays a very similar character but one that I consider to more ESFP to lorelai's ENFP. i wonder what type the actress is? i also think the writing style on gilmore girls affects the personalities of the characters.

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    I'm a fan too. It was a great show

    I still watch it from time to time. Same jokes make me laugh. It's like completely my sense of humour and i think it influenced my taste in music, movies, books...
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    So... what does everyone think of its revival? I heard Gilmore Guys* had a lot to do with it...

    *Their podcast is very casual but they're influential and have ties to some Hollywood heavyweights. If you want more analysis, don't listen to this podcast.
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    I watched it years ago. I thought Rory was a good example of an INTJ young girl. She was always reading, cool headed, and rather analytical. Lorelei seemed like an E?FP, but probably ESFP because she was rather adept with the concrete world. I tend to type people as ENFP when they have that zany imagination that plays with reality instead of participating in it - if that makes sense. It is like being on an idea roller coaster. It made for them to be best friends as mother and daughter, but to have rather opposite internal personalities.
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    Lorelai ENFJ, Rory INFJ, Lane INFP, Jess INTP, Dean ISFJ, Luke ISTJ, Logan ENTP

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    I may have already said this here, but I've always seen Lorelai is an ENFP as written by an FJ.

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