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Thread: Edison and Einstein

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    I'm pretty sure the conventional readings were right with Einstein being INTP and Edison being ENTP.

    Edison might have had very aggressive business tactics but his internal management style is more indicative of type. I can see an ENTP being very machiavellian in business with competitors but less so in terms of the way they treat their own staff and team members.

    Edison was very good at motivating and inspiring his staff and was pretty generous with them. He didn't have the "do it my way or the highway" managerial approach more typical of an ENTJ. He instilled a lot of freedom and flexibility to the scientists that worked for him.

    I'm not sure I would read too much into the Tesla incident, since it was with one person and you have no idea what lead exactly to their falling out. The relationship he had with most of his engineers was a very collegial and agreeable one. He inspired rather than scolded. Tesla, I'm leaning towards INTJ or INTP, incidentally.

    (based on the Josephson biography and a few others I read a long time ago).

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    I do lean more towards ENTP.

    Who else would name their kids Dot and Dash cause they were into morse code?

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    Thank you for the interesting responses. This is the first chance I've had all day to get online.
    I once saw a movie about Edison. One of the things I learned about him was how he wasn't just an inventor, but be had a real gift for marketing his inventions, too. That kind of surprised me.

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    Einstein was probably INTP. But let's face it it's all shades of grey.

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    Why was Einstein a T and not an F?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaveri View Post
    Why was Einstein a T and not an F?
    Because that's what the really smart people told us.

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    I think Edison was ENTJ. very quick to take market advantages of inventions - not just his own, but others as well. He tried to get everyone to stick to DC for long-range power distribution over the obviously superior Alternating current invention of Tesla. I don't see an ENTP doing that- at least not anymore likely than an ENTJ would, who prefer to milk things to the bitter end.

    also, not every ENTJ has this stubborn "my way or the highway" approach at management. many ENTJs are wise and very willing to listen, especially in industries like research, invention and innovation which require you to actually, you know, LISTEN to your fellow inventors and builders.

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    Edison: ENTJ

    Einstein: INTP

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    I think Einstein is an ENTP, not sure about Edison.
    () 9w8-3w2-7w6 tritype.

    RCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    I don't think edison and tesla had the typelogic "pal" relationship going on. More like "contrast" or something, and I am using my experience with these relationships, not just their supposed definition. So then my guess for edison is ENTJ.

    The interesting thing is that I am rather sure that edison is an ISTp in socionics, and tesla is my sociotype. So whatever conflict taken place would be on the basis of edison ignoring Ti ways of thinking and focusing on the Te. (of course if you know Socionics like I do, you know what function position Ti is in for the ISTp, it is called demonstrative.) An ESTj or ENTj would not have the time or focus to poke at Ti.

    Edison was in fact a "Te" ISTp, and Tesla a "Ti" ENTp. Semi-duality, but not so hopeful. Telsa had his ideas, and Edison was more focused on production, what in recent would come of the development of the invention, based on trend or such.

    As far as Einstein and MBTI, I would say he is an INTP.

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