Sorry for the necro threading, but I couldn't resist the urge to apply here.

~ Death Knight: xSTP, xSTJ, xNTJ. Si dom and aux create the most loyal types of the Lich King, whereas the Se ones will take action in applying their battle plans. One is fearless whatever the obstacle is, as long as the objective is pretty clear. All of these types get things done and they couldn't care less about other consequences, as long as the goal is in front of them. Merciless and uncompromising in their actions.

~ Druid: xSFJ, xNFJ, IxFP. The willingness to unconditionally create and support every living being with the simple privilege of maintaining peace and harmony. These types show the desire for sustaining as well as creating new life forms for the single purpose of establishing and stabilizing the ecosystem of the world.

~ Hunter: xSTP, INTP. One has to be adaptable enough for the challenges of wilderness in order to survive. These guys are way more capable of allying themselves more quickly with the various wild forms and adapting to the obvious unpredictable environment of life than Js. Their responsibility is big, yet they do connect with living forms with ease, so they do make the best friends of wild life in terms of understanding its most primal principles.

~ Mage: xxTJ, INTP: The primary task of every new mage is to concentrate. After all, introverts are more capable than extroverts in doing this for obvious reasons. Self-discipline and self-mastery are the most necessary requirement for dealing with all forms of arcane arts, but that doesn't mean more structured extroverts aren't capable of handling these gifts.

~ Monk: IxFP, IxFJ, IxTJ. Astonishingly responsible, disciplined and dutiful towards maintaining the peace, these warriors are one of the most pure examples of asceticism towards the primal purpose of unconditional love. Very accepting, yet organized, their readiness of giving their all of keeping the pace calm and clear is as relentless as this of every warrior's drive to accomplish ultimate victory in battle. They, however, wish wisdom to prevail low qualities such as greed and gluttony.

~ Paladin: ENFP, ExFJ. The epitomes of walking justice with a capital "J". They are more willing than every other type to defend the underdog for the sake of human rights and moral equality. Will do whatever they can in their powers to apply these models in every single social structure.

~ Priest: INFx: The backstage supporter or main architect of the Paladin's cause.

~ Rogue: ENTP, ISTP: Your typical jack of all trades. Do you really need any further explanation about these ones? If you're fearless enough, go ahead and learn from experience.

~ Shaman: IxFJ: Stoic to the core and willing to grasp Nature's characteristics, IxFJs are more than capable of accepting and understanding each element's deepest secrets. No other type among the Feelers has the patience and the potential to withstand the Mother Earth's challenges, and they're a force to be reckoned with.

~ Warlock: xNTJ, xSTJ: One of the most versatile control classes, ability wise. This powerful class has the biggest chances of maintaining full influence upon its victims through various short or long-term moves, depending on the nature of the strategy. Relentless and uncompromising, the Warlock TJ is more capable than enough to do the task for short periods of time with its dangerously enough calculating nature. Yet another powerful force to be reckoned with.

~ Warrior: xSTP, ESTJ, ENTJ: Brave, bold, fearless and tough-minded, the Warrior is absolutely never afraid of accepting and confronting a new challenge. Always hungry for new experiences and lessons, these types are more eager than everyone else to face the danger of risks, which in return give very promising life lessons in order to motivate one to be stronger than before. One is always willing to destroy walls in its path of achieving expansion towards the path of success.