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    I just finished the novel and movie, and was wondering what each of the characters would be? Here is my opinion on a few (could be completely off):
    Sylvia: ISFJ
    Jocelyn: ENTJ
    Allegra: ENFP

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    Prudie - INFP, a pretty textbook unhappy one
    Prudie's husband - ESTP?
    Bernadette - ENFP
    Grigg - an NF I think....kind of a goofy and sensitive guy, maybe an ENFJ
    I agree with Sylvia as ISFJ.
    I think Allegra is an ISTP. She seems to find the analyzing of the books to be stupid and is into extreme sports and thrills.
    Jocelyn - I thought ExTJ also, so maybe an N. It's hard to say S or N for her.
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    I was debating about Allegra being either an F or a T. The only reason I think that she might be an F is because of how emotional she is talked about to be. She does tend to act like a T in the way she talks about the books and the other members' comments. I think you may be right about S instead of N though. But I still think that she is an E. She so easily meets people.

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