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Thread: Arby 'n the Chief

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    Lightbulb Arby 'n the Chief

    I just watched all the episodes. Hilarious. It's the only Machinima I've ever bothered watching..

    Chief is most definitely an ENFx, although Arby's a little harder to nail. Possibly an ISTx.

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    arby n chief cracks me up every time I watch it. Machinima's a genius for using the robot voices for most of the characters.

    My guesses:

    Mastur Cheef- INFP, he reminds me Calvin from 'calvin and hobbes' (very much like Arby and Chief), and calvin is typed as INFP so I'd guess Chief to be INFP

    Arby: ISxJ, I'd say. He has that matter-of-fact attitude, but, at the same time, radiates that sense of caring attitude.

    Cortana: INTJ

    Tod: ESFP

    Travis: ESTP

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