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    Default Monk

    He's quite a character, but what type is he?

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    I don't like him. But he's definitely a super pedantic enneagram 1, which makes him quite likely to be XSTJ. I haven't seen much, but he definitely seemed like an introvert.
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    ISTJ with OCD.

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    I love this show. It's the only thing I watch regularly. Hmm...

    I agree he's probably an ISTJ, though anxiety and depressive disorders will make people seem more ISTJ anyway.

    Stottlemeyer: ISTJ, or ESTJ, maybe ISTP... actually I'm finding him very hard to pin down, perhaps because we rarely see him outside of work, where he's in a position of authority and responsibility, and he seems to want to keep up appearances a lot of the time. He's got to seem organised, sensible and composed, and doesn't want people guessing just what he's thinking.

    Randy Disher: ENFP or ENTP, maybe borderline.

    Sharona: ESTP, weakly T

    Natalie: ESFJ, weakly E and S

    Having seen interviews with them and read about them I think Tony Shalhoub (Monk) is probably ENFJ and Jason Gray-Stanford (Disher) almost definitely ENFP. Not seen enough of the others to say, though Ted Levine seems pretty I--P and Traylor Howard (Natalie) F.

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