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    Default "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Characters

    I read this book and tried to type the characters:

    Laila= INFP: intelligent, enjoys poetry, emotional, impulsive, values harmony, dreamer, future oriented, sees possibilities, she is also introverted...

    Mariam= ISFJ: practical, caring, down-to-earth, introverted, rich inner world of observations about people, religious, wants to please others...

    Nana= I think that in the book there isn't enough information in order to type her...

    Tariq= ExFJ: my impression, I am not sure if he's a "S" or "N", probably "S"...

    Rasheed= ESTJ: traditional, cold, extraverted, don't care about the feelings of others, commanding...

    Hakim= INFJ: intellectual (was a college teacher), introverted, thinks about the future, seems to be profound, and a "feeling" type, but shy to express his feelings...

    Fariba= she has emotional problems in the story, but when she was "normal" she seemed to be an ESFJ...

    Jalil= I don't know... maybe ExTJ?

    Now, I'd like to see your opinions!

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    Nobody here read this book?

    [old thread]

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfs1992 View Post
    Nobody here read this book?

    [old thread]
    I've read it but it was a long time ago so I don't remember enough to type the characters. Sorry.
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    I did and thought it was much better than The Kite Runner. But like paradigm, its been too long.

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