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Thread: The fictional Larry David

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    Quote Originally Posted by dissonance View Post
    He always talks about what people should do; what their values should be, the social dynamics of situations, etc. Obviously Fe. Intuition is still the dominant function, though, which is why conforming to social norms isn't much of a priority.
    Like I pointed out earlier, he only talks about what people should do when they're annoying him...which is quite T. He doesn't apply that same judgment to his own actions. ENTP
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    Quote Originally Posted by IF3157 View Post
    I'm not sure I agree with you that NTs can't be irritable sorts - especially the hypersensitive varieties of INTPs.
    A hypersensitive NTP is not an NTP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    A hypersensitive NTP is not an NTP.
    He's irritable because it's funny. The character isn't a real person, but he's closest to ENTP in my book.

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    I can relate to LD's Curb character as well as a lot of his Seinfeld stuff. Towards the end of last season he remained unfazed by people living in his house and was lonely when they moved out which points to extroversion. I hate when people stop by unannounced and house guests are few and far between in our house. The doorbell rings and we swiftly draw the curtains and hide.

    I've never agreed with NF for Larry because he is so unaware of how others perceive his behavior which points towards him as an ENT to me and I'm comfortable with either J or P. I don't know what he'll do without Cheryl because she keeps in line better than probably anyone else can.

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    Anyone who doesn't blatantly see that he is an INFJ is BONKOS!

    Geeze Louise!

    It is so freaking obvious and has been fanatsically explained by TLL which is right on!

    I am an INFJ and I relate so much to Larry David- he is my INFJ hero!

    He once said that Larry on his show is the Larry he wishes he could be- like TLL said it is a lot about acting out the fantasies that we INFJ's wish we could act out or say outloud. There are so many things that I have thought exactly that his character has thought, done things his character has done, and have had situations in my life that could be fitting on that show!

    The overanalyzing- looking at things from all these possible angles and especially the negative sides, the taking things personally and blowing things out of proportion and or making things worse, the hating of having to deal with people and the wariness, the misunderstandings, he makes decisions based on his feelings, the obssessing- do you people even know what an INFJ is?
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    He's definitely an INxJ. Everyone says this, but I think I am a lot like Larry David, in terms of my paranoia about manners. Just because somone may not be the most socially skilled person in terms of manners it doesnt mean they doesnt care about others feelings. I think he may be an IN(F/T)J, like me.

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    He is an INTJ or ENTP in my book. The guy is amazing. There aren't many better comedy's out there, in movies or shows.
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