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View Poll Results: Do you enjoy Death Note?

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  • I'm INTP and I'm loving it

    42 22.22%
  • I'm INTP and it's not my cup of tea

    8 4.23%
  • I'm INTJ and I'm loving it

    26 13.76%
  • I'm INTJ and it's not my cup of tea

    6 3.17%
  • I'm ENTP and I'm loving it

    10 5.29%
  • I'm ENTP and it's not my cup of tea

    4 2.12%
  • I'm ENTJ and I'm loving it

    7 3.70%
  • I'm ENTJ and it's not my cup of tea

    0 0%
  • I'm INFP and I'm loving it

    26 13.76%
  • I'm INFP and it's not my cup of tea

    8 4.23%
  • I'm INFJ and I'm loving it

    18 9.52%
  • I'm INFJ and it's not my cup of tea

    1 0.53%
  • I'm ENFP and I'm loving it

    13 6.88%
  • I'm ENFP and it's not my cup of tea

    3 1.59%
  • I'm ENFJ and I'm loving it

    2 1.06%
  • I'm ENFJ and it's not my cup of tea

    0 0%
  • I'm S and I'm loving it

    14 7.41%
  • I'm S and it's not my cup of tea

    1 0.53%
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Thread: MBTI appeal of Death Note anime?

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    Blah Array Orangey's Avatar
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    I'm not going to dignify this poll by voting in it, but I do like Death Note.
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    Light: INTJ
    L: INTP

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    LOL, I like how the poll makes distinctions between all the N types but just clumps together all the S's. Says a lot....

    But anyways, I liked death note a lot. One of the higher quality animes, at least story wise.

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    Good Anime.
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    Death Note was the only anime I could actually stand watching. :]

    Also, love how you made a poll option for all the 'N' types, but only two for the 'S' ones. Wonderful.
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    N bias is weird. we miss half the shit in front of our faces, i don't know how anyone comes up with the idea that N is somehow more attuned to "smart" things in general

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    Haha, Skylights. :]

    I have noticed, though, that a good majority of the smart people I know are -N--.

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    Death Note had a really good portrayal of INTJ-INTP interaction, but after Light "lost" his memory and turned into an ISTJ, I was like "wtf is this shit?". It got progressively worse after that.
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    I got tired of the melodramatic "Light gloating" scenes. I'm not sure where it was that I started getting annoyed. It started dragging on though. Someone needed to take him out. I guess Near made it interesting again, but in a way I thought that second part of the story was unnecessary. In the live action movies, it's L (who kind of takes on the anime L and N's qualities) that ends it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    I'm currently watching the Death Note anime with my ENFP SO. Both of us are enjoying it more than anything we've watched in years. An INTJ friend of mine recommended it to us, and we've later joined him in recommending it to our other friends, two of whom have caught the bug - both INTJs.

    I'm wondering if Death Note is something like the ultimate INTJ story or if it appeals equally to other types? (My SO has a soft spot for INTJs - I'm not sure he would be enjoying it quite as much if he didn't. )

    For those not in the know, Death Note is a story about two master strategists. (Well, it is so far, at any rate. The anime is still running in Japan, and I haven't read the manga.) I consider both of them to be archetype INTJs, but then again, I could be biased. This leads to my second question: What types do you think Light and L are? I'm particularly interested in hearing whether any INTPs see them as INTP.
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    L, on the other hand, is a walking INTP stereotype.

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