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Thread: Typing Politicians

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    Why do people think George W is an introvert? He seems 'extremely' extroverted to me. He also seems very ST.

    I would say and ESTP, rather strikingly so. Why are people suggesting things like ISFJ and ISFP? Those are some of the least likely to lead. They are consistent, warm, keeping the emotional peace. I can't imagine anything further from George W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Here are my guesses, not that I really know enough about them to pinpoint them exactly.

    George W. Bush: ESFJ

    Dick Cheney: INTJ

    Hilary Clinton: ESTJ/ENTJ

    Bill Clinton: ESFP

    Al Gore: INTP
    I agree except that with Al Gore, you have to ask if you're looking at the Al Gore who was running for President and whose public face was pure Spock, or the Al Gore who lost the election, grew a beard, and was actually seen having fun, or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metamorphosis View Post
    I can think of a four letter word to describe Hillary but even I wouldn't post it. Use your imagination.
    If it's what I think it is, it has 5 letters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Grey Badger View Post
    If it's what I think it is, it has 5 letters.
    The other one...means almost the same thing...

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    There is one thing that we all should remember. One of the main things about political campaigns is faking your personality.
    With that, here are a few extremely tentative guesses:

    Hillary Clinton: ENTJ
    John Kerry: INTP
    George Bush: I admit I can't see through all his personality-caricaturing campaigning. I have no idea what his type is. He is another type: a JERK
    Mike Gravel: ESFP

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    I have no specific comment on any politicians.

    Politicians try way too hard to gravitate toward a handful of shallow personae, and their lives are inherently shrouded.

    This becomes a common issue among Enneagram circles. Nearly every American politician tries to be a Three, a One, or occasionally an Eight.
    Those are the dominant personalities, and as such, the ones that the public wants. It tells you nothing of who these people really are.
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    I'll go with ENTJ for Hillary and ESTP for Dubya. ESFP for Billy-Bob. Nary a clue about the others. As you say, they all wear false faces.

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    Bush - ESTP
    Donald Rumsfeld - INTJ

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    Meanlittlechimp once gave a strong reminder/counterpoint on the other forum: whatever a test may show, the binary definition of introversion and extroversion results in significantly different personalities, e.g., the ESTP and ISTP.

    So ESTPs, for those who know one, aren't simply extroverted ISTPs, which seems to be the assumption here -- but distinct and unmistakable. If we accept theory, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an ESTP: smooth, charismatic, articulate, genteel, though perhaps beneath an adaptive deportment somewhat inchoate. George W. Bush is, to any objective observer, informal and irreverent, shrewd and resolute, of a sure identity; though like any ISTP -- which he patently is -- at a disadvantage in a political culture that eschews bluntness and especially coarseness.

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    Bush isn't introverted.. even by that definition.

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