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    "Two and a Half Men" (2003)

    what types do you think the main characters are?

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    Charlie - xSTP
    Alan - IxTJ
    Jake - IxTP
    Berta - xSTJ
    Evelyn - exTJ
    Judith - ENxx
    Rose - ISFx
    Kandi - ESfP

    Rudimentary guesses. I'd have to watch the show more to get a better idea.
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    Charlie - Either ESTP or ISTP

    Allen - INTJ

    Jake - ESXP? - Hard to tell because he's young...

    Berta - ISTJ...But low Thinking

    Evelyn - ENTJ

    Judith - ISFJ

    Rose - INFP

    Kandi - ESFP

    I guess I mainly agree with iwakar...But this was fun to write anyhow.
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    Charlie - ESTP
    Allen - I*TJ
    Jake - ESXP - I agree with LotsOfHeart, it's hard to tell because he's young. But I think more F
    Berta - ISTJ...
    Evelyn - ENTJ
    Judith - ISFJ
    Rose - INFP
    Kandi - ESFP

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