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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    @Lexicon do you have any opinions about his type? If you want to know why i'm asking you; it is because (2) i've noticed that (like most infjs) you are good at typing/i agree with your typing and (1) he kind of have a free flowing, observation conversational style without holding self back which is similar to you. By any chance if you are annoyed by the comparison, my apologies in advance.
    No idea. Never was a fan of his music. I'll check out some of those documentaries, & some interviews later on, though. I can't speak for my own accuracy regarding type; often I have more than one guess, when it comes to strangers.
    I'll come back to this post/edit, after. & summon you through the magical mention function.

    Til then,

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    I totally recant. This dude is an INFJ.
    Step into my metaphysical room of mirrors.
    Fear of reality creates myopic morality
    So I guess it means there is trouble until the robins come
    (from Blue Velvet)

    I want to be just like my mother, even if she is bat-shit crazy.

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    After seeing a documentary I say his type is INFJ 4w5 sx/sp. He is totally nuts, extremely withdrawn and a genius.
    4w3 - 7w6 - 1w9 : The Idealist

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    I have a really, really hard time seeing him as INFJ. I can understand why people who have only seen a few interviews or read a few of his quotes could assume that, but after learning about the person rather than the persona I see a definite NT.
    My guess would be eNTP (and a social introvert, as many ENTPs are) whose persona has an INFJ-ish messiah/prophet overtone (like Bill Hicks late in his career), based on his autobiography, numerous interviews, and his art/lyrics. He may use a fair amount of Ni, but I see WAY more Ne and Ti. The impression I got from his autobiography was of a natural Ne+Ti user who greatly admires Ni-dom thinkers like Nietzsche and Freud and has incorporated many of their ideas into his personal philosophy. (I'm a Fi+Ne user and I do the same; there are sections of my journal that probably sound like they're written by an INFJ, because many of my beliefs and even the way I think sometimes have been influenced by Ni-users.)

    He especially doesn't strike me as a Feeler. The impression I got from his autobiography is that he had well-developed Ti but explosive, misanthropic Fe in his teens and early twenties and he softened as he got older. Even now, his Fe seems mostly utilitarian, in service of Ne/Ti's schemes, rather than completely sincere.

    One more thing: although he genuinely has a lot to say, I don't doubt for a second that he does a lot for pure shock value and attention whoring as well. I think most INFJs find that sort of thing crass, but many ENTPs enjoy it.

    4w5 is a rare e-type for an eNTP, but any combination is possible, and it could explain why people read him as INFx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    The interviews of him i've seen strike me as an STP. I realize the assumptions on this forum are that STs cannot be creative and such, but that is not consistent with the MBTI literature. There is a bizarre manner in which STPs get confused with INFJs when they lead. I think this is because they share all the same functions, but in a different order. INFJs are intensely private. He is a showman, and an incredible business man. He adores shock value - something that INFJs avoid like the plague. He could be the same type as Madonna. These image intense people are strategists in a way that is not compatible with INFJness. INFJs are not image conscious in this way. Few people in pop culture are INFJs - maybe a few method actors and modest, counterculture musicians.

    INFJs are very private, nuanced, complex, inward, hidden. Their expression is not overt, shocking, showman style. The reason I am quicker to call DeNiro an INFJ is because he has the capacity to disappear, observe a sea of details and nuance about people, then recreate using intense empathy. I can't swear to either being INFJ, but I'd place a decent sized bet on DeNiro over MM.

    I worked for a male INFJ employer. Not even close.

    As an INFJ artist myself i can tell you that shock value and drama is not the dialogue of Ni-Fe, etc. INFJ art is intense understatement and nuance.
    INFJ's too can be flashy. I am myself. It shocks my parents. Lol. Not that I want to really. I just want to be beautiful. And reality can see me for myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    That reminds me... Do we have any active male INFJ members?
    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    I totally recant. This dude is an INFJ.
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    INFJ 4w5 all the way. I win because MM is my avatar.
    "..But my dreaming self refuses to be consoled."- M.Atwood
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    He is ENTP. For 100%.

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    I've read somewhere few months ago that he is an INFJ, which I hope isn't the case. I wouldn't like a brick head like him to share the same MBTI time as me but, I do believe he is a type 4 in enneagram though.
    My best shot is ISFP, with a highly developed Ni.
    "If the truth shall kill them, let them die"

    468: The Truth Teller [4w5 - 6w5 - 8w7].
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    I was a fan of his music but then I grew out of the shock value stuff. It's boring and old. His last album was great, but I just got tired of the schtick. His music just made me feel negative. On to his typing, though, I've always heard he's an INFJ, 4w5.
    You don't look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you.
    Alan Watts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirteenly View Post
    I was a fan of his music but then I grew out of the shock value stuff. It's boring and old. His last album was great, but I just got tired of the schtick. His music just made me feel negative. On to his typing, though, I've always heard he's an INFJ, 4w5.
    This. However I don't think that 4w3 would be wrong either. He is very very good at attracting attention.

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