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Thread: Team Fortress 2 ^_^

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    Default Team Fortress 2 ^_^

    Scout: ESTP
    Soldier: ENTJ
    Pyro: ENFP
    Demoman: ENTP
    Heavy: ESTP
    Engineer: INTJ
    Medic: INTP
    Sniper: ISTJ
    Spy: INTJ

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    In my humble opinion:

    Engineer: ENTP
    Heavy: ISTJ
    Medic: xNTP
    Soldier: ENTJ
    Sniper: ISTJ
    Spy: INTJ
    Scout: EStP
    Pyro: INFP
    Demoman: ENTJ

    They would be easier to type if there were Meet The videos for all them.
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    Meet the Engineer gave me a massive INTP tingling feeling down my spine, as did spy for INTJ. Sniper, ISTP (maybe), and Heavy ESTP (or possibly ISTP if you count his gun as an extension of himself)

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