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Thread: Trey Parker and Matt Stone...

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    Default Trey Parker and Matt Stone...

    I'm going with ENTP for Trey and INTP for Matt. Trey seems more energetic, while Matt seems more passive.

    Why xNTP? Well, xNTPs tend to criticize by making fun of everything (while xNTJs criticize with a sarcastic aura). Regardless, NTs seem to know no limits to political correctness, which is probably why NTs make the best satirists -- i.e. Mark Twain, Jane Austin, Kevin Smith, or Dave Barry.

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    I'd go with ENTP/INTP like you. The rumor going around is they MAY be rocking up to one of the up coming Atheists Conventions in the U.S. They've already taking the piss out of Dawkins on South Park. Should be entertaining if nothing else if they rock up.
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    I haven't read enough interviews to say for sure, but this article makes me think Parker - INTP, Stone - xSTP.

    *grain of salt*

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    Not sure. I have seen both in interviews (video) before ... Matt Stone actually got segments in Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine... and they [Matt and Trey] both seem to have a lot of xxTP in them.

    Matt is definitely "lower key" than Trey -- IxTP.

    And I would have guessed xNTP for Trey, although I still lean more E with him. He's very much the one who is over the top, and Matt gives him a bit of focus. Trey also have a extensive musical background (I think he studied music seriously, before doing South Park) -- which is why the music has tended to be excellent in the cartoon, he's very good at mimicking the conventions of various genres and putting together musically sensible parodies.
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    Matt maybe INTP or INTJ but trey either ENTP or possibly ESTP hes definitely extroverted
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