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Thread: Gordon Lightfoot

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    I don't think the demanding attitude on stage points to ENTJ necessarily. I'm exactly like that when I'm planning really stresses me out when other people interfere with my plans for something that should be in my control. I use "preset formats" like that too - once you've figured out the most efficient way to run something, why not use it every time?

    That in mind, I'll revise my earlier guess to say ISTP or ISFP - those sound more like ISxP traits than NP traits. I think ISFP is still the most likely.
    -end of thread-

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    Definately ISTP or ISFP. I can also be very perfectionistic and controlling about my work too.

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    I've just fallen in love with one his albums, "Don Quixote". It's been on repeat for a good while and it just makes me feel peaceful and generally well.

    Good God... This guy rocks.

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