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Thread: Barack & Michelle Obama's Type

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    i think he is N (entp convinced me, my initial guess was socionics INTj)

    but his wife looks very s to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    i think he is N (entp convinced me, my initial guess was socionics INTj), but his wife looks very s to me.
    I don't see how he could be socionics INTj. His whole premise of intuition is dynamic, and INTjs are intuitive static.

    My amateur guess:


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    I'm convinced Obama is an ENTJ. Possibly an ESTJ, but ENTJ sounds more reasonable. Getting him behind all these causes is a dream come true. He is one to bring about change. I don't think an ISFP would want to, or could have the assertiveness, the strength, and the power to do what he does. You'd have to be a TJ to do what he does in the first place, he's an E no doubt, and an N because he insights change and brings about causes.
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    It never occurred to me to think him anything other than ENTJ.
    The attention to detail mentioned in the OP is explained by high Te.

    His references are clearly abstract. Without a question, N.
    we fukin won boys

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    ENTJ works for sure, but again, I have a huge problem with the notion that an NTJ would stay married to Michelle and not.... well, you know, want to off her or something. Just don't see that working for some reason

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    He's an INTP and he is Michelle's bitch. So you have all the potential of an INTP with the work ethic of an ENTJ.

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    wont make a statement about type, but list what properties of him caught my eye:

    i had him read his book to me, and watched him on youtube and watches his initiation speak. maybe i dont know enough.

    he has this slow learner, observer, slow decision maker live style (much like malcom x). builds up his values or insight (N or T) more, than he acts them out (unlike E). is minimalistic about acting out anything. tries to live the impersonal life without properties (very T, totally unlike enfj), other than carefully applied actions. he is involved with people because he is cool about formal interaction (T), but he is involved without assuming control (unlike EJ), he listens, takes advice but does not become attached (not like Fe). building up values or insight by observation, not by trial and error (unlike Te or Ne). he applies them, when they are finished, in a stage process (very I). then he won't change them anymore (somehow J). he is not very situational, he wants to be(come) his own example of truth (Ti) Or channel his vision (Ni). his ability to survive and rise in politics would indicate Ne rather than Ni, especially if he is not Te dominant. but if he were entp, he is hiding this, and emphasises his director image (IxxJ). for good reasons. nobody would trust an entp president.if he is Ti, than he has strong Ne, which is to be expected from a person who is developed, which brings me to another point:

    his motivational talk is mostly coming from a stage of development. it's not an indication of enfj. it's not an indication of his type. but there is N in the wordings. not in his message. this man is not a slave of his functions. he does not hear voices like ("make this plannet into an ENFJs dream"). if you reduce his message to something like that, then you did not get it.

    i think his N is more apparent in how independent (almost isolated) he is in his live style (values and thinking).

    i believe that transparency (that youtube thing) is a value in introverted people, because they don't like to feel excluded, but the superficiality of the world is usually making them feel excluded (blind and insecure), even when they are integrated and behaving in an extroverted way. extroverted people feel that superficial insight is all that is of real value, therefore they don't feel blind. however the youtube transparency is also a stage move.

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    so, what is michelle obama?

    isfj? extj? entp?

    is she more like diane lane or more like condoleeza rice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    nobody would trust an entp president.

    extroverted people feel that superficial insight is all that is of real value, therefore they don't feel blind.
    No, you're wrong.

    Please, don't let your anger and frustration against extroverted people takes the best of you.


    If we absolutely have to talk about Obama, well, I have absolutely no idea what type he may be. That's what is really interesting with him, because a lot of people can identify with him. He has many faces, he is complex. I like that.
    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

    7w8 SCUxI

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    1) "please" don't assume that you can ask me for anything.
    2) you are just manipulating again. my pattern is actually right on. superficiality is an absolute correct wording for the extroverted functions, which define objects according to appearance and behavior, not according to their inner nature. read carl jung and understand typology and integrate the fact that you can not have it all. you have the strengths of extroversion and the strengths of introversion to a much lesser degree. my pattern is certainly about degrees, not absolute, but you know this and pretend that you don't, because you are manipulating public perception of my writings. it might be possible that you have manipulated you own perception of my words, even before you have understood them correctly. i am not responsible for your faults.

    i have earned agreement from entp, for the same wording of the pattern. what you think is just your opinion, not the opinion of extroverted people whom you claim to defend.

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