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Thread: The Mentalist

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    No Patrick Jane is NOT an ISTP ! he is as intuitive as it gets.It's very interesting that many fictional characters in this site are being typed as ISTP ! (But no ESTPs , odd)
    Patrick Jane is either an INTP or ENTP , i'm leaning toward INTP , but is he really Ti dom or Ne dom ?! well he definitely uses Ne , no doubt about that , his whole style of investigation is the definition of Ne (No he doesn't pick up sensory details , he can say if someone is lying but not in the way Cal Lightman does , Cal is an ISTJ and completely depends on the facts he has gathered about lying but Patrick is much more focused on the meanings for example when he says someone is lying it's not just because that person has scratched his/her nose , he finds a connection between that nose scratching and other things that person has done and then he deduces that person is lying ), but in many episodes he relies more on Ti and in fact i believe logic is his original tool and with the help of his dad , he has improved his Ne.

    Edit : I'v reviewed some episodes and yes Patrick is without any doubt an INTP and i actually believe he can be a really good role model for INTPs.
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