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    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    Chuck Norris is an ISTP.
    We had a typing thread on this very forum - that's right - this very forum, TypoCentral, concluding he was ISTJ. Norris as ISTP is just laughable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    Tony Hopkins is an INFP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    Where do these typings come from? It is hard to believe anyone could type Hopkins, for example, as an ISTJ unless they were kidding/insane/stump dumb.
    You say he's INFP, another posters says ENFJ, all MBTI websites say ISTJ. Who am I going to trust - you, that other poster, or numerous MBTI websites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fecal McAngry View Post
    Where do these typings come from? It is hard to believe anyone could type Hopkins, for example, as an ISTJ unless they were kidding/insane/stump dumb.
    Where's your argument for his type then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    You say he's INFP, another posters says ENFJ, all MBTI websites say ISTJ. Who am I going to trust - you, that other poster, or numerous MBTI websites?
    Well you certainly are ISTJ.

    Ahem, carry on.

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    Im so sick of people trying to claim Batman. He's effin ISTJ. People want to say his "unconventionality" takes away the ISTJ aspect. I say, who remembers how SCREWED UP batman is in the head?! He's not exactly healthy, even though he can put on a front of being so for social concerns. I could see an unhealthy ISTJ going Vigilante quite easily. He's not INTJ. Get over it.

    Anyways, enough on that. Whoever said Ashitaka from Mononoke is spot-on. Hank Hill is like the ultimate ISTJ cartoon icon.

    How about Captain Li Shang from Mulan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Where's your argument for his type then?
    If you know MBTI, Tony's work speaks for itself. A bit of an asinine answer, perhaps, but it's simply true. You're dealing with one of the most sensitive, nuanced, subtle, versatile and powerful character actors who ever lived. That is what a dominant Fi with Ne aux looks like. ISTJs who go into acting--and some do--are...Well, to avoid bashing them, Jack Webb was indeed an ISTJ.


    YouTube - Dragnet Jack Webb "What Do They Pay You?"


    YouTube - Magic-1 Caught in the Act

    YouTube - Shadowlands 2

    YouTube - Nixon (Anthony Hopkins)- California Governor Race 1962

    YouTube - Othello (Anthony Hopkins): Iago tells of a handkerchief

    YouTube - The Elephant Man Part 5


    But to spell it out more clearly, it might be useful to read bios of Tony, interviews, etc.--and certainly to read what others who know him have said about him. ENTP friend and colleague James Woods, for example, is one of many who have commented on his introversion. Richard Attenborough and others have remarked on his extraordinary sensitivity...And certainly, there is no question that his iNtuition is extroverted--here's but one example:

    YouTube - The Ed Bernstein Show - Interview with Anthony Hopkins

    FWIW, a good online bio: Anthony Hopkins - Biography

    Quotes about Anthony Hopkins

    "Out of all the great actors, he has a strong element of doubt in his make-up, and that doubt is what gives him some of his margin of greatness." - Oliver Stone

    "Tony is so relaxed and casual, that's the great thing about him, what you see is what you get, and what you get is great." - Julianne Moore

    "Tony is so powerful in his understating: his muted colours are better than everybody's primary colours. For me, he is the Beethoven of acting - profoundly creative and brilliantly orchestrated." - Mel Brooks

    "He is one of those actors - and they are rare - who can convincingly portray a man of genius." - James Ivory

    "Tony has this extraordinary ability to make you believe when you hear him that it is the very first time he has ever said that line. It's an incredible gift." - Sir Richard Attenborough

    "He forgets how good he is." - Ridley Scott

    "Who needs special effects when you have Anthony Hopkins?" - Scott Hicks

    "Anthony Hopkins is sooo........I'd just give it right up!! It wasn't until I met him that I was utterly sold. This huge energy just pours off him - it was like he lassoed me, reeled me in." - Julia Roberts

    "It was so gross! It made me gag, but then I realised, that's Anthony Hopkins eating me - that is so f***ing cool!" - Ray Liotta

    "Nobody delivers a line better than Tony." - Alec Baldwin

    "I would pay to work with Tony, he is the ultimate package. And forget the voice, the eyes." - Julia Roberts

    "I have huge respect for Tony, truly one of our greatest Actors. He's a heavyweight, he's Holyfield, I have years before I understand where this man is coming from." - Brad Pitt

    "A seething mass of contradictions, almost impossible to understand, very easy to love." - Jenni Hopkins (ex-wife)

    "Working with Tony was a great experience, it's like having magic in your hands." - Oliver Stone

    "The fact that Tony hasn't got an ego is the sexiest thing in the world." - Catherine Zeta-Jones

    "Tony just completely fills a mansion, he really does! I've never seen energy like it - he's so dynamic. He's honestly the rawest talent that I've ever been around, even when he thinks he is screwing up you just wish you had that as your scene. He's an incredible presence and he works really hard." - Claire Forlani

    "Tony was, and is, a wonderful man who lives everyday with the burden of genius." - Dame Judi Dench

    "What I worry about is, are they fun to work with, are they nice, are they funny, are they easy to get along with. Tony was all of the above. This was the only time that I've ever been on a film where I've stepped outside myself and been aware that I'm actually directing someone of that calibre." - Jon Turteltaub

    "Underneath that icy blue gaze - you can see the flames." - Emma Thompson

    "For Tony, it's either black or white, up or down, all or nothing." - Jenni Hopkins (ex-wife)

    "Anthony's voice, the way he says any line of dialogue from Hannibal Lecter, it sends chills to everyone." - Martha de Laurentiis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uytuun View Post
    I'd definitely say ESTJ.
    I don't think so. Te-doms tend to be much more dominant and directive, they like to be 'the boss'. Robin doesn't like to be 'the boss', she just likes things being the way she likes them (Si). She doesn't seem to be a big fan of change or new ideas either. She seems to be rather awkward in social situations, she likes to keep her privacy (I). Also, ESTJs often appear to be rather choleric, whereas Robin is rather serious, either phlegmatic or melancholic. Also, I don't think she shows enough Ne to be a Ne tertiary; her Fi seems to be higher.

    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei
    Anyways, enough on that. Whoever said Ashitaka from Mononoke is spot-on.
    Again, why? I don't disagree, but I also don't think there is enough evidence to prove this. In my opinion, ISFP (for example) would make just as much sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post

    Our Kaiser, Franz Joseph I, was definitely an ISTJ.
    Interested in stuff like that, so I will read more about him. Thanks for the alert.

    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    Cliff Clavin (Cheers)
    Cliff! The rambling mailman. Sounds possible.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    Hank Hill is also ISTJ, along with Bruce Wayne. Good call, hahah!
    Only The recent batman. Batman in the comics is INTJ
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh? wgah'nagl fhtagn

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Harold Crick from Stranger Than Fiction
    I watched this again last night and he is such an ISTJ.

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    Rowan Atkinson

    4w5 sp

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