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Thread: Twilight?

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    I get a strong sense that Bella is an IxFP...
    She seems very lost in her own inner emotional world a lot of the time oblivious to her friends. When Edward (in the film btw) starts staring at her, it's like she suddenly enters this intense emotional inner world wondering about him and what he feels about her and how she feels about him which seems very Fi-Dom to me.

    Also she seems someone who is a bit more laid back in decision and plan making typically going with the flow and thinking on her feet hence the P.
    Don't know whether she is N or S but most likely INFP imo as as soon as she learns about Edward and his family's weirdness she becomes very interested in them, brainstorming what he could be hiding/why he acts so strange which is more of an N thing.

    No idea what Edward is def. Ixxx though
    Jacob - ESFJ (as he is Fe-Dom would explain how he gets on with Bella so well as she is Fi-Dom)
    Alice - ENFP

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    You guys ONLY type them by stupid MBTI stereotypes. OMG you gotta look more deeper. Bella is not an S at all, always accepts anything strange and doesn't act in the moment. It's just that she's an INFP that's a dumb and depressed one. Very unhealthy, but INFP because she's so indecisive and accepting of strange things that aren't obvious.


    Definite Fi-Dom, no Fe whatsoever. Her morals, feelings, and understanding of others are completely internal. She is very reclusive from her friends, tending to live in her own emotional world, never vents out to anyone. She's in an Fi-Si loop and no Se at all. The way she perceives is Ne because she focuses on abstract possibilities rather than the moment. I mean, the way she approached Edward at first is clear Ne, always brainstorming what he COULD be.


    Si-Dom since he follows tradition and a definite feeler because he's more protective than logical. Fe-Ti thought process, considerate of other's needs and thinking of consequences.


    Definite Se, no doubt, but dunno about his J functions. He seems to have equal amounts of all the J functions. Analytical and breaks a system apart (Ti), but also is logically critical (Te). He has personal values (Fi) but puts others before himself (Fe). He might be xSTP because he struggles to understand his own feelings and tries to rationalize them.


    Se instead of Ne because she completely lives in the moment. Just because she can see the future doesn't make her intuitive, her Ni is inferior. And the way she plans things is Fi-Te, isn't aware of other's needs/understands them through what she wants. Lots of Te planning, great organizer at parties.


    Concise and deconstructs information (Ti) and open, friendly, charismatic (Fe)


    Overly narcissistic Te with lots of tertiary Se, suppressing little inferior Fi.


    Si-Te over Fi-Ne because he's very militaristic, but tertiary Fi emotional.


    Tertiary Ti and more Si than Fe.


    Fe-Dom all the way, considerate of social environment. Very down to earth and values past experience (Si), with somewhat playful Ne.
    I am extremely quiet, an outcast, and conflict-avoidant. But I also have strengths too, that I can forgive you all because you are unique and special. I kill with kindness, hating violence and social conflicts. People always bully me into actually talking, but I can't. Just be your true self and know your strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses we cannot change, but work on your strengths, forgive, and accept that.

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