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Thread: Thomas Merton?

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    Default Thomas Merton?

    Does anybody know the type of Thomas Merton.

    I know he's classifed as an Enneagram 4 - specifically 4w5 I believe.

    I would like to say INFJ. I say this about upon the character of the writings of his I've read along with the general summaries of his life, including that of his autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain.

    Anyways, if anybody has a different view - by all means please share it.

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    I've never read "mountain", but I've been very acquainted with Merton through other writings and some of his students' writings. I took him for IxFJ myself.

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    Just yesterday I was reading through some of his personal letters. His description of the contemplative life seems to fit the INFJ nature very well.

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