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    Is there any purpose to history? Do you believe in progress? Is progress secure or could a prolonged enough power cut (just for instance) lead to a neolithic style existence? What do you think that existence was like, specifically, was it a brutal reign of might makes right or was it an idyllic like Rousseau, the boston tea party or present day primitivists or deep ecologists suggest?
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    Too many people think of humanity as a singular being that is evolving steadily and progressively without any need for conscious thought; that technology naturally sprouts from us like pubes on an adolescent and will only thicken with age. They assume the lessons of history become innate like genetic antibodies as humanity moves forward but they forget one small detail: humanity is comprised of humans that each have <100 years to discover and act and rediscover and act, and every human has to discover things for themselves to learn those things and that passing down wisdom to ensuing generations is next to impossible. You can spend a lifetime figuring something out only to hand it to a child who couldn't care less until they figure it out for themselves and attempt to hand it to a child who couldn't care less until get the idea.
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    I believe in progress. I think the only thing that could destroy Humanity at this point would be total nuclear war aside from that there will always be some survivors who will use technology to continue advancing
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