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    Default UC Irvine Student Leaders Veto Ban on American Flag

    UC Irvine Student Leaders Veto Ban on American Flag | NBC Southern California

    UC Irvine student leaders on Saturday vetoed a resolution that banned the American flag from being displayed in the lobby of the student government offices, according to a post on the school’s website. The post said the “misguided legislation” passed by undergraduate members of the legislative council earlier this week was not endorsed by campus leadership or by the University of California.
    ...-_- jesus christ these students need to get OVER themselves, and get off their moral superior high horses. Trying to promote a more inclusive environment? Fucking. Bullshit. Even if they genuinely think that's what they're trying to do, it doesn't make it any better. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've all year so far. Banning the showing of the flag? Granted, I think the amount of flag waiving and patriotism associated with it is way over the top in the US, in particular compared to other countries. Nevertheless, banning the showing of it is strong enough for me to utter words I thought I'd never say; anti-american. Plain and simple. They said:

    Students voted to ban the American flag because it is a symbol of "colonialism and imperialism."

    Luckily there were enough sensible people present to undo this. What I am most amazed at is that this actually passed in the first place. It's also another reason to add to the list of reasons while I will never, ever, live in California.

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    I suppose I could understand being offended by something like the Rhodesian flag, but this was just absurd.
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    I'd never live in Cali anyways, Texas is almost as big and 1/5th the price. If I want a state I can never escape I certainly don't want to pay more for it.

    Although, I think I'll definitely wear my most military conservative US flag stuff ever whenever I'm in Cali again. Let's bust out the 511 pants and subdued flag hats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    What is there left to discuss?

    Sounds just like college kids getting worked up over a small issue (on the large scale) that they had a modicum of control over, versus the larger problems in the country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    What is there left to discuss?

    Sounds just like coreconquistalege kids getting worked up over a small issue (on the large scale) that they had a modicum of control over, versus the larger problems in the country.
    I don't think it was about any bigger issue. It's just undergraduate self-righteous little shits that think they have the world figured out sticking up a finger to "The Man". Oh God how I remember those vividly from the time when I went to a public funded college in New York.

    The fallout of their idiotic decision will haunt them for the rest of their college stay, but the serendipity of this all is that it will prepare them for the harsh realities of life outside of college.

    Edit: so I read more about this - turns out it's possibly related to La Raza/Reconquista thing, which is straight up treason.
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