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    Default Arrogance or lunacy?

    Astrology could solve crisis in the NHS, says Tory MP - Telegraph

    What do you think of this story about a Conservative politician in the UK, its no secret that the Conservative Party in the UK is pretty close in its thinking to that of the US Tea Party, despite being a mainstream party.

    What do you think arrogant disdain for a health service which is the envy of much of the world or just plain lunacy?

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    People who don't believe in astrology are "racially prejudiced"?

    Sorry, I know I use this image a lot, but...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BadOctopus View Post
    People who don't believe in astrology are "racially prejudiced"?

    Sorry, I know I use this image a lot, but...
    Yes but do you think that is even a serious point?

    I think he was trying to display how political correctness, this time connected to racism, can make it impossible to speak of certain topics, albeit an absurd one to most people, ie astrology.

    Although the actual point itself, referencing astrology, is it arrogance to refer to something of dubious relevence like this or could he possibly be serious?

    This is in the same week that another politician caught by undercover journalists as willing to engage in double dealing with foreign, chinese, interests justified his actions by suggesting that he was entitled to a higher standard of living than most people.

    These conservatives are proving to be ugly or mad or some combination of the two.

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