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Thread: Why racial issues when we are all black from inside?

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    Default Why racial issues when we are all black from inside?

    Even, I'm whiter than many whites (as you see), am actually black. From inside.

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    perhaps the white supremacists are right...our bones are white, and this applies to everybody so maybe white is right...

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    Or perhaps we're all a mix of colors inside?
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    sometimes i think that maybe there is a better one who is not the same as the other one and i think that it is actually a matter of degree as to whether you say this is true or not but i'm actually considering also the opposite viewpoint that maybe this is not actually the case but then i get to thinking that if all of this is heading towards the same thing then maybe what makes one thing not what the other thing is is actually the greatest gift of all

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    great, now the following ideas have popped into my head:

    do all people taste the same if you eat them?

    would cannibalism end racism?

    if they did taste the same would people still develop prejudices based on what color the skin was so that blind taste tests would give different data than just plain eating with knowledge?

    would there be a human flesh equivalent of the cola wars?

    would people with a higher fat content yield more desirable steaks to some and thinner to others?

    how would steroids affect flavor?

    would babies really be the most tender or lazy people?

    and on down the rabbit hole...
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    Racism is a scapegoat and a distraction from having to deal with very real problems in certain communities....high crime and violence, poverty and joblessness, ignorance, broken households, drug abuse, and moral collapse. Many elites peddle the racism excuse because their ideas are the very policies that have created this mess.
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    From a distance it is clear that 'racism' in the USA is a result of 300 years of institutional slavery.

    The solution is also obvious and that is to provide employment with a living wage for a family to the disadvantaged descendents of USA institutional slavery.

    Unfortunately the USA believes that prosperity is a sign of God's favour, and the poor are suffering God's disfavour.

    And it turns out that 40% of the USA believes the Earth is less than 10,000 years old and created directly by God, so there is no chance for social justice for the descendents of 300 years of institutional slavery.

    So the poor will continue to be punished in the USA, and the bien pensant will cry 'racism'.
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