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    Default "Here's Proof That Tween Girl Halloween Costumes Are Way Too Sexed-Up"

    Here's Proof That Tween Girl Halloween Costumes Are Way Too Sexed-Up | Lindsay Ferrier

    Thoughts? I'd like to hear parents' take on that, and a feminist perspective as well.

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    Some of the teen costumes displayed in that link weren't provocative, if that's what you are trying to imply.

    The wearers should have the right to decide what to wear whether it's sexed-up or not.

    However, it is understandable that most parents would be concerned if their children have the option of only wearing sexed up clothes if they are planning on buying Halloween teen clothes.
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    I'd say a grown woman or a teenage girl can wear whatever the hell she likes, they are aware of their sexuality and can play with it. But there is indeed an age group (10-13?) that does tend to get sexed up more and more and is still too young to truely understand what they are getting into. So in that regard I'd agree with the author.
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    These are TWEEN and not TEEN costumes. In my personal opinion, they are way too sexy. If my under 17 years old daughter decides that she's going to wear something like that, she'd better get ready to be bitch slapped.
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    Definition of tween gratis

    Examples Word Origin
    contraction of between.
    Also, tween, tweeny. a youngster between 10 and 12 years of age, considered too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager.

    A few things:

    1) I wouldn't let my tween wear those costumes.
    2) I do believe the sexualization of females is happening younger and younger... the trend seems obvious to me... I think a more controversial counter would be whether it's happening to boys, too.
    3) I'd argue that this is not a controversial observation in general.

    I'm interested in knowing if there is anyone that is okay with letting their ten year old wear these costumes (if so, why?) and/or does not believe sexualization is occurring younger and younger.
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    I think tween is social constucted: when I was 10-12 I still was considered a child no one called me a tween. that being said and maybe it was the enviroment i was raised in but I don't think i'd have opted for any of those tween costumes, that being said if i was that age now i might of cuz of societal pressure. of course I don't like dressing provocatively now even. never have. I'm a bad survey person to ask my opinion on this.
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    Tween costumes are sexualized for females because adult costumes are sexualized for females and tweens like to look like adults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarlaxle View Post
    Tween costumes are sexualized for females because adult costumes are sexualized for females and tweens like to look like adults.
    I think that's pretty much the dynamic here. It takes some time for things to settle, but ultimately the appearance of costumes for tweens is going to imitate that of adults. Changing how tweens dress means changing what they think they are supposed to do as adults.
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    when i was 10 i was George Washington for Halloween. i'm pretty sure i started pushing to wear makeup and shave my legs around 12. i think it's dangerous to tell a little girl (a 'tween-aged' girl) that something is too sexy and she can't wear it, or that a skirt that shows her legs or a shirt that shows her tummy is sexual. to me, these girls' bodies are still that of a child. we don't worry about keeping toddlers bodies covered for modesty.

    that said, these costumes look too sexual to me. and i think that's the problem. it's not what's shown, it's the styling. also, i live in a place where it's usually pretty damn cold on Halloween, and i can't imagine these girls being warm enough in these costumes. i wonder, who are these companies marketing to?

    i guess just trying to look back on my own youth, i think there's still a desire to be 'pretty' and even 'grown-up' that many young girls experience even before the tween ages. it's what we put in front of them as options that needs revisiting. i'd let my little girl dress up like a mermaid and wear a skin-colored top under a seashell bra. because i believe there's no inherent sexual value attached to it. but skanking up a costume for no reason other than to appeal to girls of this age and calling that 'more grown up' is a problem. girls shouldn't associate 'pretty' or 'adult' with 'sexual.'
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    It's not just tween girls. The underlying issue is that the perceived value of a woman still has a lot to do with her appearance, or, in other words, how attractive men find her, and unfortunately dressing 'sexy' is how you achieve that.

    Anyways, I think it is a very valid concern about what's the appropriate age for young people to become sexually aware. Right now given everything that is on TV it's getting younger and younger. I find it disturbing to see videos of 5-year-olds on YouTube doing 'sexy dances' that they copy from music videos (and with parents cheering them on ).
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