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Thread: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace

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    Default Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace

    Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A man fired from an Oklahoma food processing plant beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official, police said Friday.
    Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said police are waiting until Alton Nolen, 30, is conscious to arrest him in Thursday's attack and have asked the FBI to help investigate after co-workers at Vaughan Foods in the south Oklahoma City suburb told authorities that he recently started trying to convert several employees to Islam.

    Nolen severed the head of Colleen Hufford, 54, Lewis said.
    ‘SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!’ Oklahoma Beheader Celebrated Terrorists, Disparaged Non-Muslims On Facebook

    He also posted images of Osama bin Laden and wrote in a caption on a photograph of the 9/11 attacks “A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8 She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames.
    An African American muslim beheads a co-worker. Should any American security policies be changed? Should we start monitoring the internet for American jihadists? This is an isolated incident; should we treat it as such or should we treat it as an indication of a greater threat? (treat it as a local crime or treat it as part of the national policy against terrorism?)
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    Ugh. I don't know. So fucked up.

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    That's the kind of news that doesn't get much media coverage, as mainstream p.c. media doesn't wanna risk getting an islamophobic label.

    But once a privileged Christian does something silly, news spread like wildfire.

    Affirmative action, if you will.

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    Meh. It's just another variety of crazy. Happened to be a Muslim this time. Has been a Christian plenty of times in the past. Until there's an organized pattern, I don't see a reason it should be treated as more than the random aberration it seems to be. Just because he thinks he's doing something in concert with terrorists doesn't mean he's actually worth that level of response. Save the resources for the real threats.

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    ITT: fundamentalist jumps to conclusion about another fundamentalist.

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    In the last few days we have had three attempts at beheading in Australia to be videoed and used for recruiting to the Islamic State.

    The first two were intercepted by our Intelligence Agency and the Police, while the third attempt at public beheading led to the frenzied stabbing of two Officers who shot the Islamist dead.

    The war against the Islamic State has only just begun and will go on for years probably decades, as will the Islamist beheadings.
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    Default - Beheading in Woolwich, UK - British Soldier Dead

    Although this one could be considered more political in motivation.
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    "They told passers-by that they had killed a soldier to avenge the killing of Muslims by the British armed forces."

    Silly muslims.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellenbach View Post
    Should we start monitoring the internet for American jihadists?
    Start? I would be very surprised if you were not already doing it.

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    Allahu Akbar

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