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    Default The possible executive order amnesty

    Word has been circulating of late that the current administration is considering another large executive order. We on the right have been complaining (as I agree we should) about the expansive interpretation of executive authority our current president has employed. This expansive interpretation of executive authority has manifested itself most clearly in the recent swath of executive orders issued from the WH. Many of these have revolved around the lurching implementation of the ACA, but others cater to other of the lefts policy preferences. Now deciding to bypass congress to implement ones agenda is always going to perturb that august assembly. But so far, the moves have been incremental enough that all out partisan war has been avoided. Surely we have a cold war of legislative intransigence, but I find that much preferable to doing too much to quickly.

    This new executive order being considered, and thanks to Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Ill. for letting us in on the plan, is to legalize as many as 5 million illegal immigrants. (Gutiérrez: ‘I Think We Can Get 3 or 4, Maybe Even 5 Million People’ Amnesty via Executive Action) The repercussions of such an action would shake the foundation of our Republic to its very roots.

    I have my own opinions on the subject, but before engaging in them I was curious to see what you people think?

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    Immigration issues is one of the few areas I lean to the right on. This is the first I have heard of this executive action idea, and the fact that I haven't seen it anywhere leads me to believe this is unlikely to happen. Unless that it is, this is the first time it is being talked about.

    This would be a stupendously stupid move for the White House to make, and I am willing to bet they know it. If they did do this the republican party would pitch an absolute writing fit, and even republicans who agree with the current administration on immigration would turn against them (not that they were really "with them" in the first place though). It would be a huge boon for the party and would rally everyone together on the right (more or less). Which is the last thing the Democrats want. Seeing this play out makes me wonder if this is what the Republican party has been trying to egg on (or at least, hoping something like this would happen). It's pretty well regarded that if immigration reform (which has decent bi-partisan support) was brought to the house floor, it would pass. Of course though, Boehner will not allow it to come to the floor (along with almost any meaninful leglisation), which is why nothing is happening. I don't think he'll ever let it come to the floor. House Republicans seem to have few goals: don't allow anything substanating to happen, screw the White House on every possible move, and force them to make hasty decisions by their inaction. It's no wonder congressional approval rating has dropped to single digits. Anyway, I digress.

    This immigration problem is truly intractable. If we make it easier for individuals to come, even more will come. If we give amnesty to a large number, we'll mess up the economy pretty badly. Reason being is a huge majority of illegals are of very low socioeconomic status. Giving them a card in will simply increase that sectors numbers, putting further strain on those already here, and it's bad economically in general to grow the low classes in that manner. The issue at hand is if the status of Hondrus, Guatamala, and El Salavador are truly bad enough to be considered a humanitarian crisis as many have been calling it. That's the angle the left has been pulling to justify doing something about it, but there is not much of a consensus about it. I'll haven't done much research into it myself to see if it is or not, because my level of care isn't quite high enough. I tend to think it's not. Those countries are a mess, they have always been a mess (though it has gotten worse), and they are not in a state of war. If we constitute a country as a "mess" then it justifies letting in a significant part of the world. We have to draw the line somewhere, and I do not agree to an all open door policy. We need to retain a certain level of preservation for our own first. Besides, if we do grant amnesty, even more are going to pour in.

    I feel should be done, is immigration policy does need to be updated. Mostly to fix the absolute beuracratic nightmare that it is to get in here. See how that works, then go to the next step. And I am against the idea of blanket amnesty. Only for those who have been well established here for some time, and for all intents and purposes are part of the US. This is something imigration reform as it stands is intended to fix.
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    Obama is an anarchist/pragmatist pushing a left-wing agenda - simply because it is this politics that got him voted into power, and not because he has left-wing values per se. Obama is not single-mindedly and consciously attempting to undermine the US Constitution, he pursues no values except those which power-politics bring him at the moment. The "cash-value" (to borrow a Jamesian term) of any of his presidential actions are those which serve to sustain and grow presidential powers. Laws are employed against the rule of law and order because, in the long run, left-wing politics is all about bringing down right-wing cultural zeitgeist and putting up in its place a mere pretense of law and of moral values. This leaves in its wake a profound 'moral vacuum' in which individual will is replaced with a collective will, where morals and laws are a matter of the legislation of the moment guided by the will of the many. And that is precisely the thinking, or non-thinking, lurking behind Obama's executive orders and actions.
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    Obama's trying to get impeached because he thinks that might galvanize the lefty base and improve lefty turnout in November. If the GOP takes the senate, that's pretty much the end of his presidency. Of course he'll do it; he's got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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    This wave of illegals has a weaponized feel about it. Buses are driving them around buying supplies and distributing them in places they can hole up. Might be they are scapegoats. I'm also thinking no scandal will ever get get Obama impeached.

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    For many, the issue is not the president's "expansive interpretation";
    but rather, that is a repercussion of congress' dereliction and failure.

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    I doubt Obama will risk the political repercussions for something like this, which Hard as already touched on. Rallying the Republicans together near midterm elections would be an act of sheer stupidity.

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