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View Poll Results: Do you believe intelligent life exists elsewhere in our universe than on Earth?

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    24 45.28%
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    18 33.96%
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    4 7.55%
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    4 7.55%
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    3 5.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by grey_beard View Post
    @johnnyyukon, @Zarathustra, --
    What? Nobody mentioned HHGTHG and certain "hyperintelligent shades of the colour blue"?

    Off-topic, slightly sophomoric, for humor's sake:

    Q. What has three balls and comes from outer space?
    A. E.T., the Extra Testicle.

    Hey, Blue happens to be the most intelligent of all the colors on the optic spectrum, Mr. Smartypants.

    That's a good joke.
    I've had this ice cream bar, since I was a child!

    Each thought's completely warped
    I'm like a walkin', talkin', ouija board.

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    Infinite Bubble


    I think it's kind of obvious to be honest. The universe appears to be pretty much uniform as far as we can tell. So patterns are bound to repeat due to size, even if it isn't infinite.

    There'll be life that has been subjected to a similar situation to us and therefore evolved to develop similar problem-solving abilities to survive. (By intelligent I assume it is meant of a type that is similar to us which we can recognize as "intelligence".) We even know of a likely place with our limited equipment, Kepler 186f.

    Plus we don't know exactly what conditions are necessary for life. They might be anywhere.

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    I don't see why not.

    And I am curious and want to meet them.

    (I'd be scared as heck though, lol)

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    If you understood how vast the universe is, it seems impossible for there not to be intelligent life elsewhere.

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    It would be foolish and narrow-minded to not believe.

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    The universe is simply way, way, way too large for us to be the only "intelligent" species out there (even more so if you consider a "multiverse"). Of course it depends on how you define an intelligent species, but I'd be really, really surprised if there weren't multiple separate biospheres with intelligent species in our galaxy alone, much less the universe.

    Now, is it likely that we'll ever come into contact with another intelligent species? That's a lot less likely. Even assuming that most intelligent species advance technologically (not a given - look at dolphins... given their environment, how would they develop technology, cognitive abilities or no?), the sheer distances between us and anyplace else make contact much less likely. Add in that we may have so little in common as to not share a framework in which to communicate, and it seems even less likely.

    But would it be cool? Absolutely.

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    I'm here to answer this but I'm unable to decide if I'm a "yes" or a "more than likely" person.

    Life "yes." Intelligence life? idk. Has intelligence been defined yet? I mean, we're still attempting to measure, define and measure again intelligence in this part of the universe. Are we talking complex organisms or complex organisms that demonstrate social behavior or...? (I apologize if this has all been covered...)

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    This question reminds me of Fermi's Paradox, and the wiki page for it covers a number of the possible explanations for why we don't see signs of other intelligent life. One of the more depressing explanations is that intelligent life is common, but technological cultures self-destruct. Other explanations include intelligent life being very uncommon, the distances in space or time between civilizations too vast, that other civilizations are on the other side of the singularity, that truly advanced tech may not be very detectable, etc.

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    Can't put a number to it but yes, I can't discount the possibility that they do exist.

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