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    Cool The presentation of true political horror

    I am from one tiny European country called Croatia internationally.

    I don’t say from which county I am on internet because many people never even heard for my country.

    I know that Americans are going through election agony so this post is to show them how politics that really suck looks like.
    Plus I want to know what the rest of the world would think about this.

    So I have decided to create this hard to believe post which is about politics in my country.
    While I am writing this I am actually proud of my country in one very bizarre way.
    If you start laughing don’t feel bad about it, because I am creating this exactly for that purpose and I know that people from other countries have a hard time to imagine things like this so that is one more reason to post this.
    The country is not bad in foreign policy it is a member of UN Security Council and it will join NATO in 6 months and EU in next 5 years.
    There is massive construction of infrastructure and economy is doing fine if we overlook current fuel prices.
    But when it comes to pure politics situation is (I don’t know which word would even fit here)

    Even if we have population of only 4.2 million people we have 110 political parties. In case you are American who has only 2 real parties I repeat 110 because it is not a typo. At maximum there were 126 of them but state created commission which can destroy parties that are literally a joke. So far they have destroyed around 30 of them.

    We even have jokes that on every 2 of us there are 3 political parties

    We have 2 major parties, 5 medium parties and tiny ones how much your heart desires.

    But when elections come, it is a mess (and that is an understatement).
    Because there is so many of them so all of them have similar names.
    Also all names are long so they use cut off and then you get HDO,HFDE,SDH,PHSB,DATS.........(and then all the remaining 105 of them)I made up those names right now but I would not be surprised if I managed to guess some of them.

    Because there is so many of them, state is giving numbers to parties to save voter from 10 minutes of reading the voting paper.
    Then you get interesting scenario like "vote for 69 it has best education program" or "if you don’t vote 43 your private business will be destroyed by taxes "or" 86 RULES because entire soccer representation is voting for it"
    Also there is a law that each region can choose same amount of people. What leads to situation that vote from undeveloped mountain region count as 12 votes from capital city. Which is the most populated region and the best part is that nation is not even aware of this fact!

    When you are voting you don’t know for who you are voting because you are voting for parties which will name someone at that position.Also almost all parties do not enter the the parliament so on every elections about 30% of votes are thrown in the wind.

    But only after elections true problem starts to show itself and problem is that those parties need to form new government.
    That means that 2 major parties will form 2 blocks and which one will try to attract the small parties to form the new government. But the small parties are blackmailing larger ones with requests that they need large amount of money to ensure things they promised to their voters get done in next 4 year.
    Because of that government is spending very large amount of money on whishes of minority instead on some real solutions.
    Also in many situations those small parties threat that they will crash the government if things are not going their way. So we have political crisis every month and the other major party can’t wait to form its own government.
    Ratio in parliament is like 40:40:20 so you can’t avoid the small ones.
    There is idea that those two parties should form coalition and do the job right.
    But that would be the end of democracy because of domination of those two large ones.

    Also there is a fact that those two parties were one long ago and known as Communist party. But to complicate things even further that Communist party was not actually a Communist party because there was something known as private property and the party was in bad relations with Moscow and much more friendly toward the west.
    So what organization of state we had for decades none actually knows.
    Also people from those two parties know each other well because they were associates for decades. So coalition will be like merging again.
    Often this two parties are described as twins with same parent one fakes conservatism one liberal socialism. I say fake with reason.

    Because those two are so balanced in strength so often one of them will try to come in space of the other whit whish to steal some respect or future votes.
    For example the more conservative one now wants to give some rights to gay people but the liberal one is against that because that would be morally wrong and we are Christian nation so we must have respect toward the majority. But actually they just want to steal some conservative votes.

    On local level there are even more drastic things. Since many parties are strong on local level they can be strong as those two large ones or even stronger. So there are many games how to get enough seats to form local council for next 4 years.
    Once people are named at positions sometime happens that certain member or members change their party and take their position whit them. So voting is pretty much pointless on local level.
    But on this level terms of left and right do not exist at all. That means you can create coalition whit who you like.
    On local level you can find coalitions between hard right and socialists or capitalistic centrists and green party. (If I remember correctly we have 4 or 5 green parties).
    It even happen that one party did split on two parts before elections. But after elections they have tried to form coalition because they have all they need to claim victory on this election and take the chairs. So all other sides rebelled against that and form coalition of socialists, far right, libertarians, environmentalists, party that fights for larger pension, peasant party and freelancing politicians.

    Freelancing politicians have been called independent polititians because they don’t have political party. (We even have that).

    Also we have institution of president but our president has almost no authority so his/her job it to talk to the press about state affairs and go around the world to spread the influence of the country. But our current president is very weak in other languages so he has be been publicly accused for plant attitude what it is true to some degree.

    Many people don’t like him because he was the president of the country that lunched full scale attack on us in 1991.
    I am aware of how the last sentence sounds like but it is true.
    How something like this could have happened is another epic saga.
    But I don’t want to kill reader with too much information.
    At least our president is the first man who was president in two different countries.
    I think that the guy is in the famous book of world records because of this.

    If we take a look at history the fact is that WW 2 ended 63 years ago. But we still have large debates did we win the war or lost it. When country says that it does not know did it won or lost the war that sounds very strange, but in this case I think it is true.

    In WW 2 we had a government and state that was a puppet of Germany and Italy but the country was independent on paper.
    But there was strong and organized resistance in entire region which was created because that puppet state and fascism totally sucked. But the leader of that resistance was from my country and not other country.
    Same works for many soldiers.
    So when the war was over that international resistance was unified force which defeated the enemy.
    And then did it form federal state Yugoslavia.
    The leadership of the puppet state was never caught. They mange to escape to South America and they lived there for the rest of their lives. And many people mange to fit into the new state which was in ruins and huge amount of people died but in the end you can say that we won.
    But there is a question - How you can lose war and independence and say that you have won?
    So that is clearly an oxymoron (or maybe it isn’t).
    The rest of our history is also like this.

    If someone thinks this is some bizarre joke, I can understand why he/she would think that way.

    So what do you think about this?
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    How many parties would you prefer?
    "The only time I'm wrong is when I'm questioning myself."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    How many parties would you prefer?
    I guess that 5 of 6 would be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    I guess that 5 of 6 would be fine.
    Right. I'd agree with that. And, most European parliamentary systems have about 4 or 5 parties. But as you know, most only have 2 to 3 major parties.

    My point to all of this is that your political system is relatively new and unique. The new part is obvious, but unique in that most countries have a "status quo" and a "liberal" or "progressive party." And, most countries are founded by one party controlling or overthrowing the Aristocratic/Monarchy ruling class. After this, the second party develops as a counter to the first.

    So give me a quick political history overview of your country.
    "The only time I'm wrong is when I'm questioning myself."

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    Sorry but I could not answer last night it was 2 AM.

    The country was created by the collapse of Yugoslavia, 18 years ago. Then the remaining part of Yugslavian federation attacked in hope to get things just as they were.
    And our comunists split on those two parts.

    The war ended after 4 years with our victory.
    First 10 years was under the rule of more conservative major party which totally suck in economic sector.
    After that coalition of 6 parties wins the elections but they are leaded by more liberal major party.
    After 4 years the first one creteates another coalition and rules for the next 4years.
    On last elections that party manged to create even larger coalition and barely won the electons.
    But the problem is that and this governments are unstable because strenght ratio is always something like 55:45 and you must have over 50 to create government.
    Also small parties change sides so they are always on the winning side.

    This is the story in very short in reality things are much mare complicated.
    Our history actually begins some 14 centurys ago.

    I am curious.
    Why did you ask for short overview?

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