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Thread: How come super wealthy people don't give more money away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    Just give it away..... without making the recipients jump through hoops or "prove" themselves.

    If I had money like, say, Warren Buffet, I would just give it away. They wouldn't have to apply or write a grant request or an essay or a business proposal or whatever else wealthy folks require. He probably could have solved the issue of world hunger by now or saved a village of sickly diseased children.

    They certainly aren't spending the money on themselves or their family. ( so they have it to give away. I don't understand or admire rich people like this. They must live in their own head.
    I think it would be mighty nice of wealthy people to give away more money, but the bolded doesn't strike me as a virtue in the least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I think it would be mighty nice of wealthy people to give away more money, but the bolded doesn't strike me as a virtue in the least.
    Why's that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    Why's that?
    Because largesse isn't unlimited, and that method provides no mechanism for determining who's more worthy of the help. You might think everyone is equally worthy simply because they're in need, and that's a legitimate viewpoint, but I don't share it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Rich people (including the less than super rich) as a group, spend less money as a percentage of their wealth than any other group, though they ironically could afford to do so more than any other group. Contrary to popular belief, this includes charity spending.
    Well of course they spend less a certain point, even the craziest imagination will run out of stuff to blow money on. The poorer you are, the more is earmarked for survival and basics.

    I also think that money doesn't create the security people think it does, and so rich people accumulating money is a grasping after wind in this area. They seem more in fear of losing money than people who live paycheck to paycheck. There's an addictive aspect too. It's kind of how absolute power corrupts absolutely, tons of money makes people more insecure & greedy. If you regularly experience running out of money, then you know it's not the end of the world. Your security does not lie there, and you know what a fleeting, temporary thing money can be.

    The charity part is not surprising to me... having been involved with somethings that could be called charity, it's actually poor people who give to other poor people, as well as middle-middle & lower middle class people (who are aware of how precarious their own economic standing is). "Charity" does not have to mean an corporate-like, huge organization. It's hilarious how impersonal rich people will make charity, by viewing it that way though.

    The most paranoid about money, always complaining they never have much & begging off, are upper middle class & wealthier people. I've heard ideas about tax breaks for wealthy people so they give to charity instead - why would they? They are in a bubble & don't grasp the reality of most people. The job creation thing is a joke too - this evidenced by giving themselves raises when given tax cuts instead of doing the "job creation" they were expected to do.

    Many rich are unable to empathize, evidences by ideas that poorness is correlated with being stupid, dirty & lazy, ideas which make them feel okay about their excess & unethical practices. Supposedly, poor people are entitled if they don't want to live in a thatched hut & benefit from some modern luxuries. They'll scream & wail about any support given to poor people if they have even the most basic modern convenience (ie, a cell phone). They expect them to sell off all their things for a measly few hundred dollars & then ask for help. That makes soooo much sense. Because kicking someone til they are down & then offering to help them up is the best way to get them walking on their own feet, not aiding them from falling to begin with, by IDK, actually paying livable wages.

    Rich people often imagine that poor people CHOOSE their situation and are even scamming the rich to live a life of leisure. I've seen faces at government offices. These people are beaten down, they are ashamed & humiliated - they don't want to be there. I don't see them walking out laughing at the suckers they fooled to get $200 a month for food.

    And as for "I work hard for my money!" - poor people don't work hard? The unsaid feeling there is that poor people are lazy & only poor because they don't work as hard. I bet many poor people work waaaaaaaaaay harder than many wealthy people. They often do physical labour that wears on their bodies & health, long days and nights, no vacations, no health benefits - and they barely make enough money to eat & certainly don't own their own home. Wealthy people don't seem to grasp how they make money on the backs of the poor, because all income of the poor has to be directed outward again. Who really supports who in the big picture? It's modern day serfdom.

    As I also mentioned above, middle class people are just a job loss & extended unemployed period away from slipping into the "poor" (something that happened to many with the economic depression). Rich people don't seem to realize the many variables involved that can change someone's financial situation quickly that has little or nothing to do with intelligence or work ethic. They seem to forget the silver spoon they were born with or anyone who ever gave them a hand-up. In their minds, they are always self-made & everything is within an individual's control. It's pretty delusional.

    Do I think anyone should be obligated to give away money? No. The whole point of the OP, IMO, is lack of compassion & empathy, inability to grasp the inner-connectedness of people (esp as relates their own situation), & no basic humanity. There's a failure to grasp how their lifestyle would not be possible if poor people were not used to their benefit. Sure, they have every right to shove money in their ears & stick their tongues out, but it sure makes them disgusting human beings, and others have a right to judge them as such & question their morals & ethics.
    There's that phrasing "giving back to society" for a reason.

    I also don't believe most people got rich in a very ethical way. I've even witnessed many small business owners who are just upper middle class screw people over to gain financially. The world is not set up to reward honesty or hard work. There's no simple "you get what you put in" equation, especially if you consider sacrifice of integrity. Yes, that's my working class prejudice.

    the basic gist was that shockingly rich people did not identify themselves as rich. They don't realize the objective reality of what kind of wealth they have.
    This reminds me of what someone else said about people adjusting their lifestyle to their income. I certainly believe that, and you can come to feel certain things a "need" which are not because you are accustomed to them. But the hypocrisy they have concerning others' needs is what is gross to me. I think this bubble they are in contributes to using large organizations to "give" if they do give. They are out of touch with their fellow human. They cannot connect directly & use some 3rd party to do so.

    But trying to sensibly manage a way to be charitable with all that money is challenging.
    It's pretty challenging to live without money too. I mean, boo hoo.... they have too much money to handle! It's like complaining you're too beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    Why's that?
    "You can't fix poverty by giving people money." - P. J. O'Rourke in Parliament of Whores
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