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Thread: What is the difference between Tea Party republicans and the 'normal' republicans?

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    Default What is the difference between Tea Party republicans and the 'normal' republicans?

    I've often wondered this. I get that Tea party republicanss are more extreme, but fundamentally, what are the differences? Do they disagree on gay marriage, health care reform, taxes, government spending, gun laws, abortion? From what i can tell, the only difference seems to be that the Tea Party is more vocal on their beliefs, whereas regular republicans don't really seem to announce they're less popular views.

    Like Chris Christie, for instance. He's supposedly a very moderate republican. How does he differ on the issues from the Tea Party?

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    Tea Party:

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    I was hoping for a popsicle stick joke

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    Is that pretty much it, then? they have pretty much the same views, except the Tea Party is crazy? Are there any Tea Party supporters on this forum?

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    About thirty years.

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    I'll be honest I really dont see any difference, especially since the government lock down. I really dont.

    The sooner the world is able to restructure and America can be left to its own devices to indulge some vicious cold war ideology the better.

    And the only thing preventing this? The fucking bat shit crazy Russians. Damnit.

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    Well, let's look at some back story, first.

    When the tea party rolled around in 2009, a lot of the initial news coverage created this idea that it was an expression of certain new found convictions spreading across America and mobilizing independents and unregistered folks against the oh-so partisan passing of ACA.

    As it turns out, this was totally wrong. Actual before and after surveys of people who had come to identify as tea partiers found that they were already the most conservative people in the country before the tea party came around. The tea party is only a portion of the Republican (and some wacky third party) base, which happens to mostly be the most conservative portion.

    Where some confusion comes in is that libertarians have tried to claim the tea party. This has only been so successful, because the tea party is filled with lots of people who hate gays, think abortions are evil, are racist and xenophobic, "tough on crime" and all that other stuff that tends to trip over libertarian ideals pretty badly. So some people think the tea party is a particularly libertarian movement, but it isn't really especially libertarian to any degree outside of how it is especially right wring.

    The closest thing I can see to a real opposition of policy is that the tea party folks are more likely to demand isolationism in foreign affairs, more willing to entertain reducing the defense budget, more likely to close up the economy with things like tariffs, and more disturbed by things like NSA spying. For the records, all of these things except tariffs are more libertarian, so that might add to the libertarian perception.

    But outside of that, the difference usually is that of degree and method. You could say that normal Republicans are actual conservatives, while tea party Republicans are more accurately called regressives. A normal Republican might be opposed to raising taxes, and tea party Republican wants to end the federal income tax. A normal Republican might oppose ACA, and a tea party Republican wants to disembowel Medicare and Medicaid. One says "no new stuff" and the other says "quickly, let's revert to even older stuff!". A normal Republican is not willing to let the USA evolve, a tea party Republican wants to stash the USA into a time machine and set it for 1892.

    And regarding method, it's a matter of how much risk to take, how much collateral is worth you aims, and stuff like that. A normal Republican will not shut down the government (this label is a bit odd though because Gingrich did) or threaten to not raise the debt ceiling. A normal Republican will make a compromised deal with Democrats, a tea party Republican will not. A normal Republican is not going to try to guide his/her party to a losing political strategy for the sake of principle.
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    The Tea Partiers I know are also conservative Christians. They believe the Founding Fathers were Christian and that American should be a Christian nation. To them that means stuff like making abortion all but, if not completely, illegal, teacher led prayer in schools, the Bible taught as a historical narrative -- young earth creationism, etc, gay marriage prohibited in the constitution, fewer restrictions on guns and gun owners, employers having a right to refuse to cover birth control, and favor abstinence only sex education in public schools.

    They also are fiscal conservatives (sort of): they disapprove of public assistance for poor people under most circumstances, want lower taxes, they may want to get rid off, cut, or privatize socials security, and maybe medicare, get rid of the minimum wage or at least not raise it and reduce regulation for businesses. They usually favor the death penalty and harsh punishment for criminals and many oppose the legalization/decriminalization of recreational drugs. They want to drug test people on public assistance or unemployment. A lot of them are in favor of privatizing public schools and virtually anything else that can be privatized because they don't think the government can do anything right.

    This is a semi-entertaining spoof:

    As a contrast, here is an article outlining an anti-poverty plan proposed by President Nixon.
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    There is nothing extreme about the Tea Party. This is a Gen-X libertarian grassroots movement formed in response to the Wall Street bailouts of 2008. I've read two books about these people. "Boiling Mad:Inside Tea Party America" by Kate Zernike (New York Times journalist) is a liberal's interpretation of the Tea Party. These people are mostly middle aged, white, slightly more educated, and slightly more scientifically knowledgable than the average voter. These people gather by the tens of thousands and don't leave a scrap of litter on the grounds. They also like to carry around copies of the US Constitution because it's the founding principles that drive these people.

    I say they're not extreme because not a single Tea Partier has been arrested. Contrast that to the 8,000 plus arrests of Occupy Wall Street protestors and the tens of millions in property damage caused by OWS. The "Tea" in Tea Party stands for "Taxed Enough Already". These people have been called terrorists, suicide bombers, anarchists, evil-doers, tea-baggers (there's a funny clip of Rachel Maddow using the word "tea-bagger" about 20 times in a 3 minute span), racists, and rednecks. All they want is smaller government, lower taxes, and less spending. I don't think these are "extreme" demands in any shape or form. Since when is fiscal responsibility considered "extreme"? In short, these people want more efficient, less wasteful government.

    On the social issues, some Tea Party groups have decided to abstain from taking stands while others are more vocal. There is a lot of overlap between these fiscal conservatives and social conservatives and I'm sure plenty of evangelicals are Tea Partiers, but that's not the reason why the movement exists.

    Establishment Republicans like George W. Bush, John McCain, Peter King, etc are big spenders. They grew government when they were in power and expanded the entitlement society. That's the primary difference.
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    The Tea Party is not a grassroots organization. It's a fake grassroots organization. I'm not going to go into detail but to summarize, some rich guys (including the Koch brothers, of course) created the Tea Party so it would look like a grassroots organization.

    As for the idea that Tea Partiers abstain from social issues, I scoff at that. Vocal members of the Tea Party have taken clear anti-abortion, anti-gay, and anti-science stands. It's Tea Party candidates like Todd Akin who use phrases like "legitimate rape". Paul "evolution is a lie from the pit of hell" Broun is also a member of the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party is out of control. It was originally created to push for lower taxes for rich people, but it has evolved into something even the Koch brothers can't control.
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