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Thread: Actual wealth distribution in America...

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    Default Actual wealth distribution in America...

    I'm wondering what most of you think of this little video, and if you think the so-called "American dream" still means something, or is rather a fairytale designed to control the masses...

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    Someone has posted this in a thread I think or maybe it was vent, but it's nice and scary, although I was somewhat already aware of this beforehand.

    More terrifying is currency.
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    Problems that come with such wealth disparity is disproportionate influence over the government. Imagine what the government would do right now if it weren't run by the wealthiest 1%. Would it be shutting down for Obamacare or would it be reinvesting in the country, putting average people back to work, and raising minimum wage.
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    Disproportionate influence over law makers and law enforcers, thus rampant corruption.

    Large amounts of stagnant money. Unnecessary numbers of the destitute and dependent.

    Gradually increasing poverty to and increasingly large segment of the population in spite of increased GDP PC.

    Lowered social mobility and opportunity for enrichment.

    Less and less money invested in public goods like infrastructure, education, health care...

    Perverse incentives offered to the poor and middle class, who might rather do catering on yachts then become a general practitioner or a public defender.

    Significantly higher rate of risky financial behavior and ensuing financial crises.

    Higher rates of violence, both individual instances and mass instances like riots.

    These are all things you can expect from wealth inequality. These are the things that video means in consequence.
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