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Thread: The British Economy belongs ot the Chinese

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    Default The British Economy belongs ot the Chinese

    Well there was coverage all this morning on the TV about massive inward investment in the UK by China and the prospect, through nuclear power investment, that the Chinese may by majority shares in energy now too. There's been loads of "China and the UK have always had a special relationship" coverage like Prolefeed on the BBC all day.

    So, I was wondering, its been known that the Chinese have been buying up resources all over Africa and Asia and globally for some time, now that they are making in roads into the economies of the G20 nations what bearing do you imagine this will have on national economic policy or politics?

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    The more involved they get, the wealthier they will become, their workers will grow in education and productivity and therefore labor value, and as a result they will lose their comparative advantage. They will be forced to compete by innovating rather than just doing things cheaper than everyone else. They'll be no different from any other major economy.
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