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    I haven't used a landline since.....2006. Don't miss it.

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    I do have a land line because 0800/0300 numbers are free to call from a landline and premium rate from mobiles... also 0845 (local rate numbers) are premium from mobiles. It looks better as a business to have a landline number too... more officy or legitimate... maybe skype seems more current though... but to have the option makes people feel safer i believe.

    Also It's super cheap with my broadband package, it hardly costs anything and other landlines are free to call.

    Oh but i don't ever answer it, because it's a constant barrage of sales calls. So i mostly have it unplugged unless i am calling or expecting a call.
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    nope - no land line, no tv while we're at it... honestly if i wasn't a gamer with the occasional need for speed, i probably would just use my mobile as a router at home instead of having an internet bill. i use skype for outgoing calls, so technically if my mobile provider would have the options of unlimited data without outgoing calls i would probably go without a mobile line as well, since sale calls haven't yet found out about skype phone numbers (right now they have only one unlimited data package that includes unlimited everything, so i can't do that).

    i like my infrastructure minimal.

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    I've never really had one... they were in my college dorms and in my student flat abroad, but I've never electively had one. Once I moved out of my parents' house, my cell just became my singular line. At this point in my life, I feel like a landline would be sort of frivolous. Privacy-wise, if I get a call and I don't recognize the number, I just let it go to voicemail.

    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC
    I don't have a landline, but I kind of wish I did. I want a rotary-dial telephone. They had substance to them.
    That is very true. Me too. I used to love using my grandma's and great-aunt's rotary phones when I was little. I can't justify the cost right now but maybe someday if I have a house and kids I will get a landline and a rotary phone.

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    Before the internet, phone lines (4 wire analogue) were used to exchange conversation. As the need to transmit more than just voice became greater, we used these phone lines to transmit data as well (dial-up). Soon, the demand for information outweighed conversation and internet infrastructure took its place (8 wire digital). Since this infrastructure is superior in its capability to transmit, it makes sense that legacy phone lines no longer serve a purpose.
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    No and I don't know anyone in my age group who does. My mom still has one, it pretty useful because the cell reception at her house is terrible, so she can call people back on the house phone.

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    Yes. I won't not have one with kids at home and I don't want people calling my cell all the time either.
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