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Thread: Is Germany more efficient than the USA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeeekyyy View Post
    It's because of the American desire for "more, more, more" all the time. We aren't content with enough. It's a separate issue from worker efficiency.
    Thats why you'll miss your chance to make big money with electric cars

    Americas worst enemy is wrong ideology. You can reinvent everything, but not yourself. It would prolly be the same for Germans, if it hadnt been necessary to reinvent the whole culture, cause being nazi had grown uncool
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    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
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    Quote Originally Posted by freeeekyyy View Post
    Businesses. But they're only meeting a desire people already had. They're a mirror back to the soul, and too often people jump into that mirror. Everything traces back to society, and government can't fix society.
    Well business isnt fixing society, its tearing it up, and most of government intervention isnt even to fix society really, its to limit the damage business has wrought or will.

    Surely that's the lesson of deregulation of the financial sector. Now that's hard facts, not liberal vitriol, hard facts and the jury is in, the market isnt and cant be a self-regulating mechanism, its like giving whiskey and car keys to a bunch of frat jocks.

    Government efforts at regulation or social services are like people bailing on a sinking ship and deregulated business is like a guy running around in on busting holes in the haul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Yeah, but who are the Joneses, where do they get their shit, and why did they ever think they wanted it in the first place?

    The problem is that supply is actually capable of manipulating demand, and it's only ever gotten easier with technological advancement. It's like J. K. Galbraith speculated, that it will become increasingly more profitable for businesses to invest in convincing people they want the product then in making a product people should want.
    Well there is an economic rule that supply creates its own demand, it is interesting though that it could ever become more profitable to supply something and manipulate the consumer into being convinced they want it rather than to respond to what actual demand wants to be produced.

    If that truly is the case, and I have no problem believing it is at that point as I believe that the launch of X-Box one and the response of the company to consumer critics and the public was a matter of testing that, then capitalist economies like the US are truly beginning to approximate the sorts of business planning that they attacked in the Soviet union. Just substitute the central planners for the business planners the structures are so similar.

    To be honest I think that the X-Box fiasco and the citibank memos about plutonomy, even Romney's remarks, are either a sign that the establishment has become more and more arrogant and is truly getting to the point at which it couldnt give a shit about the peasants, in a way that will embarrass even their most ardent free market apologists and ideologues, or they're engaging in their own sort of "reality testing", like an abusive spouse, checking to see what their partner is going to tolerate when its named for what it is.

    I'll be interested to see what the eventual response of the free marketeers will be, there's some pundits who've gone down the "best of all possible worlds" route and suggested that consumers should shut up and stop being ingrates, that truly is the "dead peasants" terrain, but I think the greater and greater the distance between the proclaimed idea and the reality the louder and nuttier the true believers will get. Domestic terror problems I'm guessing then.

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