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Thread: Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck - Water Is Not A Human Right

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    You better not complain about your tap water. If you do, you might be a terrorist.

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    it certainly is not a corporate right for it to be monopolized.
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    I think he makes a very good point in that water should have a market value and as one of the most important raw materials on this world to be used as an economic stimulant.

    Of course no one should ever be without water, and that's not what he wants either. There will always be ways to get water to people that can't afford it through benefits in a social governing structure for example, and many other ways to achieve that without destroying the market value of water to those that can afford.

    Making water essentially free for everyone (including people that can pay for it), is nothing short of an economic disaster.

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    This is asking for revolt. This is when people are pushed too far with nothing to lose.

    Edit: These are the arguments that make me start to think that Capitalism is evil at its core. It is dehumanizing and denies all human rights.
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    I wish more people could see the Broadway musical, Urinetown. This thread keeps bringing it to mind, more and more.

    (for context, I highly recommend clicking the hyperlink/reading the full plot synopsis)
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    things are rights because you pay for them.

    By which I mean if you maintain a system through accepting a set of rules, paying taxes etc. ... then fine it's a right. however I dont really think the term human right is more than a pretty ideal thrown at the face of people who do not take the effort to actually understand the system they are in, its history etc. It's marketing for the masses basically, sold and packaged by people who do not need to believe in these ideals and methods but simply need selling them.

    No, water is not a human right, it is only so if the humans in question live in a society (and accept the rules of that specific society) that makes it so.
    Calling it a universal doesn't make it so.
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    Proper netiquette is to at least post a summary and some sort of personal reflection with the video in OP...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    You better not complain about your tap water. If you do, you might be a terrorist.
    It's the next logical step in the expansion of the definition of terrorism. Couple that with every single thing we do being recorded by the government, in a generation any complaint against the government, related entity, or corporation (ie. food libel laws) could land you in a place like Guantanamo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    Other than the fact that all of the freest, wealthiest nations on the planet are some form of a representative democracy?
    Could there be a connection?
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    I cannot watch the video cause I lack bandwith to do so...

    Water is a public good - but the not so utopic fact is that it takes a lot of effort to provide people with clean water.

    The Roman's saw that building water supplies helped to increase the population and industry, but building all those aquaducts took money stolen from conquered territories and was built with many, many slaves.

    Someone pays for it.

    Clean water has been a commodity for as long as people have formed dirty settlements to live in.

    Currently I'm drinking water from local springs that run 24 hours a day, probably for the last few centuries. No filters. Low density living. Thanks, cars.
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