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Thread: 18 year old girl expelled for having same sex relationship with a 15 year old.

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    In my state, it wouldn't have been illegal. Or, rather it might have, but an ongoing dating relationship and a less than four year difference in age is a defense against prosecution for the class C felony of sexual misconduct with a minor as long as the victim isn't impaired or otherwise coerced and it results in no serious physical harm.

    That seems fair.

    Edit: Funny thing is that you can get married here at 15 with parental consent if the couple has a child or the girl is pregnant.
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    I don't care about their gender or race or eyebrow orientation.

    Stupid law, the penalty proposed is ludicrous. Age difference isn't that big. I'm amazed there are even laws for this sort of age gap much less there is a district attorney out there trying to pursue a bust on an 18 year old for having consensual sex with a 15 year old. The fact that this is considered statutory "rape" is crazy. There is a big difference between luring someone younger than you into sex under false pretenses that you might not expect a younger person to understand vs. having a sexual relationship. Considering they were talking on the phone and had to agree to not have contact with each other I'm guessing, but not sure, that both parties are on good terms with each other and there wasn't any sort of malignant predatory behavior going on. Just young people having sex.

    Weird that the article was plastered with giant photos, but whatever.

    The claim that they are being pursued because she's lesbian smells like a press publicity stunt, but it's working.
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    When will people learn not to always pass off issues of their own tastes in discipline to the legal system?

    If the 15 year olds parents don't want her in a same-sex relationship with an 18 year old, they can just ruin the last fraction of her teenage years and ground her until she's 18, let them think for a few years that it will cure her, only to have a harsh taste of reality when she's of age and runs far far away with her 21 year old female lover.

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    Stupid law begets stupid punishments. There's a huge gap between morally objectionable and deserving of 15 years in jail.

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    This reminds me of the difficulty in creating laws that are meant to be applied across the board in a fair manner, some situations are coverable by a law yet there are still underlying social issues and disagreements about how this should be carried out because of a subjective factor.

    Should the law changed to better cover the variability of individual circumstances? Or is the law better applied in a balanced way, regardless of whether or not it is always better to apply it?
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    How much time in jail would an 18 year old male get for being in a relationship with a 15 year old female? Does the couple have to be sexually active for prosecution?

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    So, only grown-ups may have sex with each other, but not teenagers from 13 to 19, if only one partner is already ≥ 18?
    Ok, that means: 17 yr old with 18 yr old worse than 50 yr old with 18 yr old? (example: arranged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post

    - 18 year old was in same social circle (played basketball) as this 15 year old girl in a conservative Florida state.
    - They get busted.
    - 18 year old got arrested and is facing charges that *could* include 15 years of prison and registering as a sex offender, but will probably include house arrest and probation. She's currently expelled from school.
    - Parents and 18 year old are all sad-faced and saying they're being prosecuted for the same sex thing.

    I can't help but think of all the guys out there that got their whole senior years ruined because they made this same dumb mistake.. only no one really cared what happened to them. It was just another horny dude that couldn't keep it in his pants.

    While I don't think they'll prosecute her for 15 years of prison, if they make her register as a sex offender then that's what she'll have to do. There are plenty of dudes that have to do it because the parents were upset even though the girls were 'giving consent' and it's perfectly legal for the parents to call on them.

    Don't get me wrong.. I'm almost positive that there were conservative dudes out there totally pissed off that this hot young lady was getting it on with a probably on-her-way-to-being-hot young lady. But really, the mother says something along the lines of:
    I dont think that conservatism has had anything to do with this really, its not great to hear it getting raised in the course of discussing stuff like this because I think it muddies the waters, the same as when the topic of race was raised during the OJ Simpson case and the Michael Jackson proceedings.

    I also think that it should be treated as those other cases and I've highlighted that bit in your post.

    There are systemic issues perhaps, were was the adult supervision, when did it all take place, was there a build up or could it have been detected but then that is perhaps me speaking as someone who has worked in children services, plus a lot of people do not think seriously about the consequences which go with reaching the age of majority and are ill prepared for it by education sometimes.

    When I've worked with kids who're in that age group and running around with younger peers, even peers the same age group, and there are suspiscions of age inappropriate behaviour I've always laid it all on the line, the consequences of being registered, the future inspections they can expect, and they're usually surprised or shocked, or do a good impression of not caring but redouble efforts to escape attention or supervision, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesnt.

    The orientation of the people in question should not matter but I'm really not surprised that it has, you've mentioned conservatism and perhaps you're partisan that way but I'm sure that there ere equal measures liberalism rushing to a defence they would not have made under other circumstances without that orientation dimension being present.

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    I dont really like threads like this one because the open the usual can of worms about age of conscent and its always easier to attack the authorities like some ogre in a fairy tale for enforcing that laws on the books than to think about predatory behaviour, age inappropriate behaviour and their aftermath for children and their families. Those are things which its easier to minimise or dismiss with humour or to outright dismiss altogether, as elfboy does, than to pay much attention to.

    Which is a shame because the authorities are really inadequate to the task of trying to prevent or manage this sort of behaviour, even adults and professionals fall prey to this kind of behaviour from time to time and the legal recourse is pretty unsatisfactory if its pursued at all, and offenders know that too. Rely upon it. I'm not saying it was the case in this particular case but when cases like this are uncovered and hit the headlines and there are responses like some of the ones I've read in this thread, identifying with the offender, not asking any questions about the subject etc. it all proves to be grist for that particular mill.

    In the UK there are all kinds of caveats and measures to circumvent prosecution, judgements by a panel of experts about the competence of young people close to the age of majority to make decisions (this is not restricted to decisions about sexual behaviour), decisions as to whether or not there will be a police response or a social services one, the decision from the public prosecution service as to whether or not a complaint will be progressed, which is a decision made largely upon the possibility of a prosecution, sufficiency of evidence etc. (this can be a real issue because so much depends upon the skill and competence of the investigating officers, have they handled evidence correctly etc.) and I dont know if its the same in the US but its bureaucracy here and just as bureaucracy hasnt really been a solution to other things it hasnt been a one in criminal-justice either.

    Although I'm inclined to believe that as responses go its a bit like Churchill's quote about democracy, its the worst possible system until you consider the alternatives.

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    this happens with teenagers all the time - you even see completely consenting couples of the same age group ending up as sexual offenders. why should this be treated any differently from if the 18 year olds was a guy?

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